Epsiode 2×09 : Party Guessed

It’s the full moon, Derek chains Erica, Boyd and Isaac up. Not so well it turns out since they all escape and attack Derek – except Isaac who’s found his anchor – his father.
Victoria kills herself in Allison’s room with the help of Chris.
It’s also Lydia’s birthday. The punch is spiked with wolfsbane and everyone suffers hallucinations; Jackson at not knowing his parents, Stiles at disappointing his father and the reason his mother is dead, Scott that Allison and Jackson (as the Kanima) are getting it on, and Allison that she’s not strong enough. Lydia blows purple dust in Derek’s face, he goes unconscious and Lydia drags him to the Hale House where Peter is resurrected.

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  • Triskele
  • An anchor has to have meaning to you – it keeps your human side in control
  • Female werewolves can handle more pain


  • The are question marks on some of the banners in Lydia’s dream
  • Worm Moon is on March – because it’s the last full moon in winter and it signifies rebirth
  • Derek’s tattoo reminds him how alphas, betas and omegas can fall or rise to another
  • The are lots of tree paintings in Lydia’s hallway
  • Lydia’s birthday is on a Wednesday
  • Chris and Victoria have known each other for around 20 years
  • There’s wolfsbane growing inside the Hale House


  • Mirrors: used to reflect moonlight


  • Who is the girl in distress in Lydia’s dream?
  • Where did Lydia get the strength to drag Derek from the subway station to the Hale House?

Memorable Quotes

  • “I’m in love with a nut job.”
  • “…I’m gonna stab myself in the face.” — “Don’t stab yourself in the face.”
  • “Photographers call them candids.” — “Well, police officers call that stalking.”
  • “Look at you, yelling for help. Always yelling for help. It’s pathetic, Allison… “
  • “It’s you. It’s all you. You know everyday I saw her lying at the hospital slowly dying, I thought how am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own. This hyperactive little bastard who keeps ruining my life. It’s all you, it’s you, Stiles. You killed your mother, you hear me, you killed her and now you’re killing me … “
  • “I heard there was a party. Don’t worry, I invited myself.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Stiles invites his friends from Jungle to the party
  • Hallucinations, especially Stiles’ one
  • Isaac revealing his anchor is his father
  • Derek falls asleep after getting the purple dust blown in his face
  • Peter rising up from the dead and asking after a party

Favourite Music (Full music list here)

  • Sebasian Ingrosso & Alesso ft. Ryan Tedder – Calling (Lose My Mind) – Matt arrives at the party
  • Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party – Antidote : Erica, Boyd & Isaac break free. Derek calls Scott for help then gets his claws out