Episode 2×12 : Master Plan

Stiles is taken by Gerard and tossed in the basement where he finds Erica and Boyd tied up and powerless against the electrical volts running through their bodies. Gerard beats Stiles up. Later, Stiles is let go but we don’t see this, and Chris lets Erica and Boyd escape.
Melissa is at the morgue and finds that Jackson’s dead body is getting covered in a translucent veil and calls Scott. Isaac turns up too.
Peter unearthed his own bestiary on a laptop and realises that Jackson dying was all part of the plan – the Kanima will evolve into its Alpha form and it has wings. Derek calls Scott and Isaac at the morgue and they transport Jackson’s body to a warehouse. Chris turns up while they do this and offers his help to take down Gerard.
Allison is still under Gerard’s sway turns up at the warehouse with Gerard and a fight breaks out. Peter watches from a safe distance because it’s a spectator sport. Just as Allison is about to kill Derek, the Kanima holds her back and Gerard’s plan is revealed – he’s dying and he wants the bite to survive.
Scott forces Derek to bite Gerard – he’s happy for a while until black liquid pours out of him. Scott had a plan of his own and filled Gerard’s pills with mountain ash. Gerard commands the Kanima to kill them all and Stiles turns up and runs the Kanima over. Lydia gets out of the car and shows the spare to Jackson and he goes back to normal. Peter and Derek claw him from both sides and he turns into a werewolf.
When they turn around, Gerard is gone but it’s fine because the next day Deaton and Ms. Morrell are dressed in leather and plan on finding him.
Erica and Boyd run into a pack of Alphas who surround them and extend their claws.  At the Hale House, the Alpha pack symbol is graffiti-d on the door.
Meanwhile, summer break has just begun and Stiles and Scott head out to the field to play lacrosse.

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  • A certain amount of current can keep a werewolf from transforming, a few volts higher and they can’t heal, and then no heightened strength
  • The Alpha Pack turn up when there’s a new alpha


  • The instinct to protect one’s Alpha is strong
  • If Jackson’s dead, Gerard wanted it to happen
  • Peter transferred all the records shortly after he got out of the coma
  • Stiles has trophies in his room
  • Gerard and the Kanima had a bond so he knew where Jackson was because of it and knew they were going to Derek
  • Allison tried to shoot Scott but he ducked
  • Chris’ gun is really big
  • Jackson’s werewolf has blue eyes
  • As a new alpha people take notice
  • Derek knew the alpha pack would be coming


  • The alpha pack have been watching for a long time


  • If Erica and Boyd really wanted to leave why weren’t they willing to give up Derek’s location
  • Did they collect the venom Jackson was leaking onto the floor at the morgue?
  • Will they ever or have they ever attempted to use electricity to cure werewolfism?
  • How did Scott control Derek with his claws on his neck?

Memorable Quotes

  • “Scott can find me, all right. He knows my scent. It’s pungent you know, it’s more like a stench. He can find me even if I was buried at the bottom of a sewer covered in faecal matter and urine.”
  • “Have you seen his mom? She’s gorgeous.”
  • That’s Peter, Derek’s uncle. A little while back he tried to kill us all and then we set him on fire and Derek slashed his throat.”
  • “Who was it! I want descriptions. I’m calling that school, I’m calling them, and I’m gonna personally go down there and I’m gonna pistol whip those bastards!”
  • “Dad, I said I was okay!”
  • “What is that, a book?” — “No, it’s a laptop. What century are you living in?!”
  • “Oh, look someone actually made an animation of it, maybe it’s less frightening if we –” *screeches* “Nope, not at all.”
  • “You’re alone.” — “More than you know.”
  • “See, that’s the problem, you don’t care about getting hurt. But you know how I’ll feel, I’ll be devastated, and if you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind. You see, death doesn’t happen to you, Lydia, it happens to everyone around you, okay. To all the people left standing at your funeral trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives now without you in it. Huh. And look at my face, huh, do you actually think this was meant to hurt me?!
  • “The game. You were amazing.” — “Thanks, dad.” — “No, I mean it. Look, it was pretty much over, and then you got the ball and you started running. You scored and the tide just turned. And then you scored again and again. You weren’t just the MVP of the game, you were a hero.” — “I’m not a hero, dad.” — “You were last night.” –” I’m not a hero.”
  • “When it comes to survival, I’d kill my own son.”
  • “Everyone said Gerard always had a plan. I had a plan too.”
  • Why didn’t you tell  me?” — “Because you might be an Alpha, but you’re not mine.”
  • “I know we’re gonna be together.” — “There’s no such thing as fate.” — “There’s no such thing as werewolves.”
  • “Dude, you still have me.” — “I had you before.” — “Yeah, and you still got me.”
  • “I said no werewolf powers!”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Stiles goes back home and his dad pulls him into a hug
  • Scott telling his mum to zip up the body bag
  • Scott and Isaac drop the body bag and look at each other
  • Stiles’ dad calling Stiles a hero
  • Derek runs and somersaults onto the scene
  • Fight scene in the warehouse – the opening title music starts playing
  • Allison slashes Isaac and he falls to the ground
  • Gerard shouts “Mountain Ash!”
  • The Alpha pack surround Boyd and Erica
  • Stiles and Scott practising for lacrosse

Favourite Music (Full music list here)

  • ALTJ – Bloodflood : Stiles’ dad calling Stiles a hero
  • Robot Koch – Nitesky : Lydia hugs Jackson. Allison and Scott hold hands