Episode 2×07 : Restraint

The Kanima kills a man in the woods, goes to kill his wife but doesn’t after finding out she’s pregnant. The Kanima’s Master later visits the woman in hospital after she’s given birth and kills her himself.
The bestiary translation suggests that the kanima should be a werewolf but a conflict in their past needs to be resolves before they can become one. They decide they need to know about Jackson’s parents – Allison offers to find out – seeks out Jackson and in his fugue state, freaks her out, sending her heartbeat rocketing – Scott hears and runs to the locker room just in time to see Jackson pulling his shorts on. They fight and end up in detention along with Allison, Stiles, Erica and Matt.
Jackson turns into the Kanima, warns everyone to stay out of his way by writing creepily on the blackboard and jumps out the window. We’re led to believe Harris is the Kanima Master.
Scott is called out of detention where Victoria warns him against seeing Allison.
Lydia meets ‘the boy’ where she finds out that he’s really Peter who’s buried under the Hale House.

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  • The Kanima is supposed to be a werewolf but can’t be until it resolves something in its past
  • South American priest used the Kanima to execute murders of murderers in the town. The bond between master and Kanima grew until it killed anyone the master wanted


  • The Kanima doesn’t kill the woman because she’s pregnant – he went against his Master’s orders. Also it has similarities to Jackson’s birth.
  • Matt Cameraguymatt@zoomlensmatt.com
  • Insurance documents for Jackson’s parents’ car crash: Accident Report Insurance Claim
  • Books Jackson picks up: Modern Interpretations on Greek Myths, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  • Jackson was born the day after his parents’ death (June 15th 1995)
  • Peter Hale used to be the best offensive basketball player


  • Butterfly art in Lydia’s room


  • Why did Jackson eat the snake?
  • Why did Erica start having a seizure?

Memorable Quotes

  • What if we both have to use the  bathroom at  the same time and there’s only 2 stalls available and they’re only right next to each other. I’ll just hold it.”
  • “Humour’s very subjective, okay. We’re talking multiple levels of interpretation, here.”
  • “I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.”
  • “You wanna play Cat Woman. I’ll be your Batman.”
  • “The guy bugs me, I don’t know what it is. Just look at his face.”
  • “Stiles, you make a good Batman.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Fight in the locker room between Jackson and Scott
  • Jackson and the snake
  • Erica telling Stiles he’s Batman

Favourite Music (Full music here)

  • Dada Life – Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker : Scott and Jackson fight in the locker room
  • Flight Facilities – Crave You : Lydia kisses young!Peter