Episode 2×04 : Abomination

Stiles witnesses the mechanic murdered by the Kanima.
Derek trains his betas. They suck.
Lydia wakes up to find the mirror is scratched. Lydia visits the Guidance Counsellor.
At the lacrosse game, Allison steals Gerard’s keys and gives it to Stiles to look in his office for the bestiary. Erica turns up and takes Stiles to see Derek at the swimming pools. The Kanima interrupts them and Derek turns his back on the Kanima to tell Stiles to run. Derek gets paralysed and Stiles and Derek fall into the swimming pool where Stiles holds him up for 2 hours while Scott has dinner with the Argents.
Scott comes to their rescue just before it’s too late. As Derek walks away, he tells both Scott and Stiles that he plans to kill the Kanima.
Scott goes to pick up his mum from the hospital but Gerard is there and he knows that Scott is a werewolf. He stabs Scott in the stomach and tells him that one of these days Scott will have to do something for him…

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  • Deaton almost looks afraid when he sees Gerard; it looks like they have history
  • Kanimas paralytic can be absorbed through the skin as well as through the scratch
  • Continuity: The time on Stiles’ phone changes from the afternoon to evening; he also now has a Samsung when he had a Sony Ericsson before
  • Young!Peter wears a necklace
  • Morrell’s reaction to what Lydia says about the people closest you you being the ones holding you back makes it look like she’s heard it before…
  • Scott used to play tennis
  • Stiles had a chance to sub but didn’t get to play again
  • Derek squishes the basketball to look scary
  • Scott exposed himself trying to save Boyd
  • When Stiles says he has someone he needs to go back to Derek looks pissed
  • Stiles runs behind Derek when he sees the Kanima. Derek turns his back on the enemy to save Stiles
  • Stiles chooses between his phone Derek and chooses Derek <3
  • The Kanima doesn’t  like its reflection
  • Derek has heard stories and rumours of the Kanima – it’s not right, it’s like an abomination


  • Gerard looks like he knows Deaton – they have history and Deaton looked taken aback
  • We’ve seen Scott break into a tiny safe, will we see him attempt to break into a vault?
  • Kate came back to Beacon Hills to find the Alpha for Gerard.


  • Why did the Kanima want Derek and Stiles trapped in the pool?

Memorable Quotes

  • Gerard: “Not YEAH. Speak with conviction yes or no!”
  • “You know when you see like a friend in a Halloween mask but all you can actually see are their eyes, and you feel like you know ’em but you just can’t figure out who it is?” ..” No, but I think it knew me.”
  • “A bestiary.” *laughs* “I think you mean Bestiality.”
  • “You’re not even French are you?” “French-Canadian.” — “Which means you’re Canadian who speaks French.”
  • “Oh and FYI, I’m everyone’s type.”
  • Finstock: “The bigger they are. The bigger they are!”
  • “Have you seen it? You have this look on your faces like you know exactly what I’m talking about.”
  • “Could you just trust me this once.”
  • “You don’t trust me, I don’t trust you. You need me to survive which is why you’re not letting me go.”
  • “Nobody trusts anyone. That’s the problem.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Stiles goes back and forth to Allison and Scott to relay messages
  • Derek and Stiles in the pool
  • Scott breaks his leg

Favourite Music (Full music list here)

  • Music playing in lacrosse scene
  • After Boyd knocks down the guy on the other team