Episode 2×02 : Shape Shifted

Isaac’s dad is killed by the kanima.
The next day which is the night of the full moon, Isaac is arrested, Jackson borrows a camera from Matt to record his werewolf change, and Scott and Derek go to Isaac’s house where Scott learns that Isaac was being physically and mentally abused by his father.
Derek goes to the police station to get Isaac out with the help of Stiles. A hunter is sent out to kill Isaac but Allison slows him down. The hunter reaches the station where Isaac has already escaped and knocks the hunter out. Isaac makes a move to attack Stiles but Derek ain’t having that and roars at Isaac. Isaac cowers and Derek looks to Stiles and tells him that he’s the Alpha. I think Stiles was very impressed.
Jackson wakes up the next morning to find that nothing happened to him.

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  • Werewolves can sense each other.  They can sense each other even when they were not turned by the same Alpha (though their Alpha’s were related).
  • Werewolf eyes:
    • Scott’s eyes glow when he detects another werewolf nearby (in the locker room and on the lacrosse field) – did they glow because his wolf viewed it as a possible threat? Is this an uncontrollable reaction?
    • Scott’s eyes began to glow brightly at the peak of the full moon.


  • Isaac’s got an A in French and B minus in econ, D in chemistry
  • Midterms are in a few days
  • Isaac lives at no. 885
  • Mr. Lahey dies the days after Matt sees him at the funeral
  • Coach likes to refer to himself as Daddy
  • Scott hates playing goal
  • In Lahey’s basement, there’s a lot of creepy dolls, stuffed animals and a broken mirror
  • Stiles theorises that teenagers have a better chance at surviving the bite
  • Jackson knew Isaac was getting abused but didn’t say anything -___-
  • Missing persons posters on the wall in the Sheriff’s Department


  • The blood from Isaac’s cut goes back up
  • Harris had Stiles’ phone during detention. He could have planted a bug or something


  • Why the kanima went to Isaac’s house
  • How many senses do werewolves have?
  • Can werewolves detect other supernatural creatures not just other werewolves?

Memorable Quotes

  • “You could have blinded me!”
  • Allison: “they’re not gonna split us apart.” — Scott: “Not us…”
  • “Part of me wants to ask. The other part says knowing would be more disturbing than anything I could ever imagine.”
  • “He’s failing two classes, he’s a little socially awkward and if you look closely his jawline is kinda uneven.”
  • “It’s Armani… my aftershave. Armani.” — “Oh. It’s nice.”
  • “I’m the Alpha.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Derek at the abandoned subway station comes out from the shadows
  • Chains fall out of Stiles’ gym locker
  • Scott plays in practice to catch the scent
  • Scott/Stiles throws the paper at Harris
  • Derek flirting with the officer
  • Scott breaking out of the freezer to save Allison

Favourite Music (Full music list here)

  • Example & Don Diablo – Hooligans : Scott tackles all the players during practice
  • Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets : Jackson gets ready to tape himself