Episode 2×01 : Omega

Lydia hallucinates seeing black liquid, clumps of hair, and a burnt hand reaching out from the water and vanishes from the hospital – she is found a few days later.
Allison and Scott are now secretly seeing each other despite her parents’ wishes.
Jackson’s body is seemingly fighting the bite, his orifices leaking black goo, and Derek doesn’t know what’s happening.
An Omega finds his way into town and feasts on the livers of dead bodies, Isaac Lahey witnesses this and meets Derek along the way.
Gerard Argent, Chris’ father, comes to town and declares war on all werewolves, throwing aside the Code.

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  • Omegas exist either if they’ve been kicked out the pack, their pack has been killed or by their own free will.


  • Kate Argent – 1983-2011
  • Lydia’s scent leads both to the Hale House (Scott) and through the graveyard (canine units)
  • Hemicorporectomy – medical term for cutting someone in half
  • Omega ate the liver of the dead; according to Stiles it’s the most nutritious part of the body
  • Finstock lost a testicle to exposure
  • The last time Gerard saw Allison was when she was 3
  • “413 Adam” = Disturbance in a car
  • Electricity shifts a werewolf back
  • The Omega HEARD the Alpha was in town. From who?
  • It seems like all the other hunters they’re with are new (it might just be for our benefit)


  • A person can either reject the bite because of an incompatibility physically or mentally
  • There’s a “lizard” skeleton in the classroom Scott takes Allison to
  • Gerard must have a lot of strength to cut the Omega in half. Is the sword more than just a sword? EXCALIBUR!
  • Scott heard Lydia’s scream – is she in Scott’s pack despite not being a werewolf?
  • If a werewolf eats human organs they become stronger?


  • Why was Jackson in the lake?
  • Why was Chris so against Scott & Allison? He seemed fine with it in the s1 finale.
  • Why did Gerard insist on a funeral knowing there’d be a media frenzy
  • Why did the Omega want to eat people’s liver? Does eating human organs/flesh give the werewolf more strength?
  • Where did Lydia go while she was in her fugue state? Why did she go to the Hale House?
  • Is Gerard’s sword special?

Memorable Quotes

  • Stiles: “You’re dirty.”
  • Derek: “Need a hand?”
  • Scott: “Next time you see a trip wire, don’t trip it.”
  • Scott: “Just another life threatening conversation with your dad.”
  • Stiles: “Just, I just need you to find her, alright. Please, just find her.”
  • Scott: “What are they doing?” — Derek: “Declaring war.”

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