Episode 1×12 : Code Breaker

Lydia is fighting off the symptoms of an allergic reaction, her body going into shock as it fights the bite.
Peter uses Stiles to track down Derek and offers him the bite. Stiles refuses. Scott howls out to Derek and saves him from the hunters – only to be caught in the arrow-fire of more hunters.
Chris gets Kate to stand down and Peter emerges from the Hale House and kills Kate. Jackson and Stiles arrive and with the help of Allison, they manage to turn Peter into a ball of flames.
Derek lands the final killing blow to Peter, slashing his throat as he becomes the Alpha.

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  • The Argents have a house in Washington
  • Chris has a whole network of hunters
  • There are consequences to knowing about the Hunter world and not being ready for it
  • Scott’s username and password is ‘Allison’
  • Peter says that wolves hunt in packs to take down larger prey
  • Co-ordinates to the Hale House; Long: 35.233009, Lat: -84.153297
  • Scott howling to find Derek is what wolves in packs do…
  • Stiles’ Jeep grinds in second
  • The bite either changes you or kill you
  • After Peter says goodbye after Stiles rejected the bite offer, Stiles looks like he wants to call Peter back
  • Lydia had an allergic reaction to the bite – her body went into shock trying to fight it
  • Jackson is a terrible liar
  • “I did what I was told to do.” Gerard probably ordered Kate to do what she did
  • Hunters’ Code: ‘Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent‘ – ‘We hunt those who hunt us.”



  • Will we see the people in Chris’ network of hunters?
  • Will we see the consequence of finding out about Hunters?

Memorable Quotes

  • “Yeah, and once a month she’ll go out of her freaking mind and try to tear me apart.” — “Actually considering she’s a woman, twice a month.”
  • “What you want right now doesn’t matter, what you need is to stay quiet. You’re catching a glimpse of something you’re not quite ready to see. And there are other outside of this family who are ready for you to see it. Staying quiet is the best protection. Do you understand. SAY IT!”
  • “I can be very persuasive, Stiles. Don’t make me persuade you.”
  • Peter (to Stiles): “Would you like me to draw a picture?”
  • Derek (to Scott): “For your stupid little crush that means absolutely nothing. You’re not in love, Scott. You’re 16 years old. You’re a child!”
  • “Would you prefer I locked him in a basement and burned the whole house down around him?”
  • “Say that you’re sorry for decimating my family, for leaving me burned and broken for 6 years.”
  • “I’m the Alpha now.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Allison gets out of the school bus and Chris catches her before she falls
  • Scott howls for Derek’s location
  • When we find out Scott’s username and password is Allison
  • Allison walks in to the hospital and sees flashes of a bloody Lydia

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Niki & the Dove – DJ Ease My Mind : Allison thinks back to her and Scott’s kiss at Prom
  • Music as Scott walks up the edge of the town and howls