Episode 1×11 : Formality

Peter visits the Animal Clinic to pick up a stray – Scott – Deaton tells Peter to leave and doesn’t back down even after having a chair thrown at him.
It’s revealed that Kate burnt Derek’s family alive.
It’s the night of the winter formal.  A drunk Jackson ventures into the woods and stumbles upon the hunters; Jackson tells them about Scott on the promise that they don’t hurt him. Peter attacks Lydia on the field and Stiles reluctantly agrees to help Peter find Derek. Outside the school, Scott and Allison leave the formal and are by the bus stand; Allison goes into the school bus and waits for Scott to join her, but Chris and another hunter box Scott between two buses and accelerates towards him. Scott jumps and looks up at Allison – wolfed out.

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  • If they react badly to being told about hunting something bad happens
  • “Mountain ash – that’s an old one”
  • The driver side wing mirror of Melissa’s car is broken
  • Derek didn’t tell anyone about the fire. Peter somehow knows though
  • Deception has an acrid scent (Peter: 1×11)



Memorable Quotes

  • Kate: “Everything’s a joke to me, how else do you think I stay sane?”
  • Peter: “Hi there, I’m here to pick up.”

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • The Chain Gang of 1974 – Taste of Heaven : Allison sees Scott sneaking into the formal via the roof
  • Kids of 88 – Just a Little Bit : Music plays at formal
  • Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon : Scott and Allison at bus stand
  • Taxicab Racers – Angel Eyes : Scott and Allison kiss during dance