Episode 1×09 : Wolf’s Bane

The Alpha goes after Harris. Derek saves him and then the police turns up and the chase in on. Derek’s on foot and Scott and Stiles are in the Camaro; they pick him up where Derek tells Scott and Stiles the two things Laura told him the last time they spoke; one was about Harris and the other was a symbol – Scott recognises the symbol. Scott spends the rest of the day trying to get the necklace.
Jackson visits the doctor a finds that he has aconite poisoning and admits to have been having nightmares about the Hale Fire. Jackson tells Scott that he wants to be what Scott is – he threatens to reveal his secret to Allison if he doesn’t. Jackson breaks up with Lydia.
Stiles returns from school to find Derek hiding out in his room. Danny arrives and Stiles introduces him as Miguel – Miguel then takes his shirt off. They use Danny to find out where a text was sent from and are shocked to see it came from the Melissa’s user account at the hospital. Stiles goes to the care facility where Peter is to find him missing. He calls Derek who realises that Peter is the Alpha. Derek saves Stiles and fights Peter.

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Beast of Gevaudan


  • Stiles is Derek’s safe place
  • Danny is good with computers and was arrested at 13
  • Stiles has a surfboard and telescope in his room
  • Red berries in Argents’ front yard AND in the corner of the foyer
  • Stiles has Percy Jackson’s Lightning Thief on his shelves – [screencap][book cover]
  • Allison has a palm reading plastic hand thing on her chest of drawers
  • “You must be Stiles” – Derek spoke about Stiles to Peter
  • Harris used to be an alcoholic
  • You could maybe get turned by a scratch if the claws go deep enough


  • Peter tried to warn Derek against Kate before the fire?
  • Peter used to be in the theatre


  • Did Laura tell Derek she was investigating the fire?
  • How did Jackson get aconite poisoning

Memorable Quotes

  • Stiles: “I don’t think you’re grasping the concept of the car chase here”
  • Derek: “He was right in front of me and then the frigging police showed up” — Stiles: “Oh hey, they’re just doing their jobs.”
  • Jackson: “I’ve decided to drop some of the dead weight in my life, and you’re just about the deadest”
  • Stiles: “Me too. I’m happy…and proud…of myself.”
  • Derek: “If you say one word…” Stiles: “Like, hey Dad, Derek Hale’s in my room, bring your gun?
  • Stiles: “My house, my rules, buddy”
  • Stiles: “You swing for a different team but you still play ball, don’t ya, Danny boy” — Danny: “You’re a horrible person.” — Stiles: “I know, it keeps me awake at night”
  • Kate: “You don’t have to be psychotic to be a killer. You just need a reason”
  • Derek: “Stiles, get out of there right now, it’s him, he’s the Alpha. Get out!”
  • Sheriff: “Murderer… Arson happens to property. This girls a murderer.”
  • Peter: “I was going to wait for dramatic flair, but… when you look this good, why wait”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Derek and Stiles against the door
  • Derek getting changed

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Make the Girl Dance – Wall of Death : Car chase scene