Episode 1×08 : Lunatic

Following Scott’s break up with Allison, Stiles takes him to the woods to get drunk. It’s the night before the full moon, and when two guys approach Scott and Stiles and take their bottle of Jack, Scott nearly attacks them. After Scott and Stiles leave, the two guys are dragged and killed, one of them dropped head first into a burning barrel.
At school, Scott reveals that he can sense emotions easier during the full moon and Stiles asks him to see what Lydia thinks of him; Scott takes Lydia into an office and asks her about Allison, Lydia says Allison just wants to be friends then throws herself at Scott; they make out. During practice, Scott attacks Danny. Stiles realises that Scott kissed Lydia and after school he handcuffs Scott to his radiator. Scott escapes and runs off in search of Allison to find her with Jackson, and though they’re only talking, Scott imagines them kissing and loses it. Derek intervenes when Scott tries to attack and roars at him, bringing Scott back to his senses.
Meanwhile, as Stiles drives around town looking for Scott, he comes across a crime scene swarming with police and ambulances. Stiles thinks the worst and is frantically looking for his dad. The Sheriff calls out Stiles’ name and Stiles pulls him into a hug.
Derek takes Scott home. Scott tells him that he can’t be with Allison and be a werewolf too and Derek tells Scott there may be a cure – killing the Alpha that bit you.
Jackson finds a claw on his car from where Scott perched on it earlier and begins to piece everything together.

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  • Werewolves can feel other people’s emotions during the full moon
  • Stiles has obsessed over Lydia since 3rd grade
  • Stiles had a key to the McCall’s cut
  • Is there a cure – Derek has heard of one but doesn’t know if it’s true: you have to kill the one that bit you



  • Why was Harris invigilating for the economics test?
  • How did the handcuffs not break?
  • How did Derek’s roar get through to Scott when they’re technically on the same level?
  • Will we see someone actually get ‘cured’ from the bite

Memorable Quotes

  • Stiles: “As much as being broken up hurts, being alone is way worse”
  • Stiles (about panic attacks): “I used to get them after my mom died. Not fun, huh?
  • Victoria Argent: “You find him, you kill him, you cut him in half. Anyone want a cookie?”
  • “It’s Biles, call me Biles or I swear to god I’ll kill you”.
  • Stiles: “Lust, passion, arrrrousal”
  • “You think I’m gonna let you put these on, chain me up like a dog?”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Stiles hugs his dad at the scene of the crime
  • Stiles makes first line – Bilinski

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Apple Horse – Devil’s Land : The test begins, Scott tries to talk to Allison
  • Noisia – Machine Gun (16 bit remix) : Scott breaks free and hallucinates Jackson and Allison kissing. Scott and Derek fight