Episode 1×07 : Night School

As the Alpha has Scott and Stiles trapped in the school, Allison, Jackson and Lydia are unknowingly brought into it all. Scott places the blame of the murders on Derek, believing it could do no harm since they think Derek is dead. The Alpha closes in on Scott and howls at him, somehow inducing his bloodlust. Scott stands outside the chemistry room and is ready and willing to kill his friends but stops in time and the police arrive. It’s all too much for Allison and she breaks things off with Scott. Outside the school, Scott reveals to Stiles that the Alpha needs Scott to get rid of his old pack first before he can join.

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  • Stiles Jeep is hurt – his battery is pulled out
  • When the Alpha howls Lydia is slightly affected as well as Jackson. Stiles and Allison don’t react to it as anything other than a noise
  • After the Alpha howls, Scott’s eyes turn red for a second



  • Why does Harris need roof access in his classroom…? Is there any reason besides it being for safety reasons?
  • Did Jackson mean to give the wrong chemical?
  • Why did Scott’s eyes turn red after the Alpha howled? Does it show the influence of the Alpha or a potential in Scott?
  • Can any Alpha affect Betas/Omegas like that or does there have to be a tie?
  • Was the body of the Janitor ever found? How did the Alpha hide the body?
  • A wolf can’t be a member of two packs? Or is this just the Alpha not willing to share Scott with them?

Memorable Quotes

  • Stiles: “A psychotic werewolf who’s into teamwork, that’s beautiful.”
  • Stiles: “I mean no. You wanna hear it in Spanish? No
  • Stiles: “They won’t trace the cell, and they’ll send a car to your house before they send anyone here.”
  • Stiles: “We’re at the school. Dad, we’re at the school.”
  • Allison: “You’re a horrible liar and you’ve been lying all night.”

Favourite scenes

  • Stiles face when Scott accuses Derek of the murders

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Early Winters – Turn Around: Allison breaks up with Scott