Episode 1×06 : Heart Monitor

Derek attacks Scott in an underground parking lot to train him in the art of stealth. He tells Scott that pain is what keeps them human and then goes on to break Scott’s fingers to illustrate what he just said. Stiles, decides to take it upon himself to be Scott’s Yoda and teach Scott control; this involves throwing balls in Scott’s face and having him get beaten up. They find out that anger makes Scott feel stronger and realises that he can’t be with Allison because she makes him weak. In Finstock’s class, Scott nearly loses control as his heart rate rockets, but Allison brings him back by holding his hand – she gives him control. Stiles calls this control Scott’s anchor.
Meanwhile, Jackson looks ill and sleep deprived. In the locker rooms, he looks in the mirror and a clawed hand tries to make its way out of his mouth.
Derek visits Peter and tries to get through to him by telling him about Laura being murdered. He gets no response. Outside, Derek finds a slip of paper on his windscreen and drives off. He’s on a mission. Derek confronts Deaton asking him what he knows of a marked deer that was found three months earlier; Deaton lies and says he knows nothing about it and Derek can tell and attacks Deaton. Scott arrives and stops Derek, telling him to meet him at the school. At the school, Scott howls into the speaker system. Derek is not impressed and threatens to kill the both of them. The Alpha emerges and attacks Derek first, clawing into his back and throwing him away. Scott and Stiles run into the school.

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  • The McCalls drink red top milk
  • Derek was born a werewolf
  • Werewolves can get ‘impressions’ of other wolves – feeling emotions that they feel
  • Symbols: spiral means revenge
  • The angrier Scott got, the stronger he felt
  • Jackson smells like he’s rotting or dying
  • If an Alpha doesn’t have a pack they’re not as strong
  • When a werewolf is conscious they can stop themselves from healing but when they’re unconscious they can’t



  • Why does a claw from an Alpha hand come out of Jackson’s mouth?
  • Did Derek actually die after the Alpha attacked him? His eyes were open…
  • What if Harris took the bloodied tissue belonging to Scott and studied it or something!?

Memorable Quotes

  • Stiles: “Your Yoda I will be.”
  • “Stole it…” — “Temporarily misappropriated.”
  • “I believe you’re being serious but I’m not so sure you’re being sincere.”
  • “Dude, what do you think you’re doing to that truck, Bro!?”
  • “Personally, I’m a fan of ignoring a problem until eventually it just goes away.”
  • “Be a man. Be a werewolf not a teen wolf, be a werewolf.”
  • “It was loud and it was awesome.” “Shut up.” “Don’t be such a sourwolf.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Scott activates all the car alarms

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Val Emmich – Resume : Stiles makes the Yoda comment. Scott runs away from Allison
  • Plan B – Stay Too Long : Scott gets beaten up after Stiles keys the truck
  • The Daylights – Black Dove : Derek finds the piece of paper on his windshield