Episode 1×05 : The Tell

A videostore clerk is brutally murdered. Jackson and Lydia discover the body. The Alpha passes within inches of Jackson, leaving him after noticing the claw marks Derek left him in ‘Magic Bullet’. The next day is parent/teacher conference night; it ends in an animal attack. Sheriff is injured during the events Chris shoots the mountain lion down.
It’s also Allison’s birthday, where it’s revealed that she’s a year older than everyone (17).
Derek works out shirtless in the broken remains of his home, but it’s cut short as Kate, along with two hunters attack. Kate reveals that the Alpha was the one who killed Laura. After realising that Derek doesn’t know who the Alpha is, Kate goes to kill Derek who escapes just in time and runs out and away from his childhood home.

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  • Peter was in the back of the video store watching a horror movie before killing the clerk
  • The claw marks on Jackson’s neck glow
  • Stiles knows what a “187” is (A murder)
  • Werewolves can tell when someone is lying by the beat of their heart
  • Spiral on the roof of the videostore
  • “You don’t kill with him, he kills you.” It’s a rite of passage
  • Human scent is different from when the Alpha is shifted
  • Pain keeps you human – love does too, Derek!
  • Kate gives Allison the necklace
  • Lydia’s headboard changes from s1 to S2
  • We find out Jackson is adopted
  • Lydia displays leadership quality
  • Stiles’ first name was his mother’s father’s name
  • Fire Reports shown [Field Incident Report][Coroner’s Report]



  • What other rite of passages are there, and will we see these performed?
  • Is there significance to Allison being a year older? or was it simply to show how much her family moved around…
  • Who released the mountain lion – would Deaton really endanger lives like that?

Memorable Scene(s)

  • Stiles visits Lydia
  • Sheriff and Finstock talk about Stiles
  • Mountain lion attacks

Memorable Quotes

  • “I’m carrying a lethal weapon. If I want the curly fries, I will have the curly fries.”
  • “We’re predators, we don’t have to be killers.”
  • “Do you wanna do homework or do you wanna not die.”
  • “Do you find me attractive?”
  • “What the hell is a Stiles?”
  • “Nine hundred thousand volts. You never were good with electricity were you, or fire.”

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