Episode 1×04 : Magic Bullet

Kate Argent returns to Beacon Hills. Derek is shot with a wolfsbane bullet while out hunting the Alpha and has 48 hours to live. He goes to Scott and Stiles for help, and while Stiles takes Derek to the animal clinic forced with the prospect of cutting off Derek’s arm as a last resort, Scott is in the home of the Argents trying to find the magic bullet that will save Derek’s life.

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  • Scott got a D minus in his World History test – this isn’t like him
  • When wolfsbane poison reaches the heart, the werewolf dies (they have 48 hours – if that – until they die
  • The Argents’ home features a lot of art involving plants…
  • Derek’s eyes flash in and out of blue – he can’t help it – effect of the poison
  • The Argents moved back to BH just over a month ago
  • Derek refused to go his house while he couldn’t protect himself
  • Allison was nationally ranks as a kid at archery
  • “Aconit Napel Bleu Nordique – Nordic Blue Monkshood – rare form of wolfsbane
  • First time we see Derek’s tattoo
  • Derek puked out black liquid – it’s his body trying to heal itself
  • First time Scott use extends his claws at will when trying to retrieve the dropped bullet
  • You have to burn the exact type of wolfsbane used against you and rub it into the wound
  • Peter Hale introduced
  • There were humans members of the Hale family who died in the fire
  • The Hunter’ Code is first mentioned
  • Hints to Kate setting the Hale House Fire


  • Derek and most born werewolves in general are probably taught about the different types of wolfsbane and their effects
  • Derek used to take drugs


  • What was the silver thing underneath the wolfsbane bullet box?
  • What was behind the alarmed door?

Memorable Quotes

  • Stiles: “No more talk about the Alpha or Derek – especially Derek, who still scares me.”
  • Derek (to Jackson): “Because I asked you politely and I only do that once.”
  • Stiles: “Oh my God, what is that. Ugh. Is that contagious. You know you should probably just get out.”
  • Stiles: “In fact , I think if I wanted to, I could probably drag your little werewolf ass out into the middle of the road and leave you for dead.”
  • Derek: “Start the car or I’m gonna I rip your throat out… with my teeth.”
  • Stiles: “He’s starting to smell.. like death.”
  • Chris (during dinner(!)): “I saw one get rabies through a bat, it was transferred through the bite. People think that a rabid dog just suddenly goes mad, it’s a lot more gradual; first stage is subtle changes in behaviour restless, morose; it’s the second stage that people know – the furious stage, that’s when they attack – and we’re talking any moving object – did you know that a caged rabid dog will break its own teeth trying to chew through the bars. It will even rear back and snap its own spine. Can you imagine the amount of force it would take to do that? It’s complete character reversal. This harmless animal turned into a  perfectly vicious killer and it all started with this one bite.”
  • “You faint at the sight of blood?” “No, but I might at the sight of a chopped off arm!”
  • Derek: “Either you cut off my arm, or I’m gonna cut off your head.”
  • Stiles: “Derek come on wake up! He’s not waking up! I think he’s dying, I think he’s dead.”
  • Stiles (after Derek heals from the poison): “That. Was. Awesome!”
  • Derek: “Six years ago, my sister and I were at school, our house caught fire. 11 people were trapped inside, he [Peter] was the only survivor.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Allison pulls out the condom packet
  • Derek writhing on the floor and Stiles watching

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Neon Hitch – Poisoned With Love : Scott goes to Allison house to ‘study’.