Episode 1×03 : Pack Mentality

After Scott has a dream that is eerily similar to the attack on bus driver, Garrison Meyers, Scott is afraid that he’s the one who attacked him. After Meyers dies, Scott accuses Derek of murder; Derek and Scott have a fight after which, Derek reveals that neither of them killed the driver; it was the Alpha.

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  • The Alpha can call you against your will
  • Wolves are highly migratory. “Longer term memories… it’s associated with the primal drive.”
  • The Hale House is county property
  • Werewolves can alter a dog’s mood
  • Allison has 8 years of gymnastics training

Theories & Clues

  • The room Derek was in could have used to be his bedroom
  • “dream’s aren’t memories” this might be proven false
  • There’s a boat paddle in the room Derek and Scott fought in…


  • What other rites of passages are there?
  • Will we see the initiation into a pack?

Memorable Quotes

  • Stiles: “I have. It usually ends a little differently.”
  • Stiles: “No you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven.”
  • Lydia: “A cougar is a mountain lion.”
  • Jackson: “You know what else sounds fun, stabbing myself in the face with this fork.”
  • Stiles: “Am I attractive to gay guys?!”
  • “Am I going to hurt someone?” “Yes.” Can I kill someone?” “Yes.” Am I going to kill someone?” “Probably.”
  • “Why is it starting to feel like you’re Batman and I’m Robin. I don’t wanna be Robin all the time.” — “No one’s batman or Robin any of the time.” — “Not even some of the time?”
  • Allison: “Think about me… naked.”
  • Chris: “I’m very protective of the things I love. That’s something I learned from my family, you don’t have much of that these days do you?
  • Lydia: “Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit.”
  • “I didn’t do anything.” —  “You killed him.” — “He died.” — “Like your sister?” “My sister was missing. I came here looking for her.” — “You found her.” — “I found her in pieces, being used as bait to catch me.” — “I think you killed them both, and I’m gonna tell everyone starting with the sheriff.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Derek & Scott fight scene at the Hale House

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Passion Pit – Tonight, Tonight : Scott and Allison in the school bus (dream)
  • Paper Route – You Kill Me : Scott finds out that Meyers died and goes to confront Derek
  • My Chemical Romance – DESTROYA : Derek and Scott fight