Episode 1×01 : Wolf Moon

Scott gets the bite and his whole world changes. For the better or for the worst, it depends who you ask.
His best friend, Stiles, helps Scott through the change. Scott meets Allison Argent, she’s the new girl at school and instantly peaks Scott’s interest. He gives her his pen. Scott and Stiles meet Derek Hale in the woods where Stiles recognises him; he lost his whole family in a fire like ten years ago.
Scott doesn’t want to believe that he’s become a werewolf and goes to a party where he nearly loses control. He goes home to find out that Derek is with Allison and goes to save her only to find it was a ruse to bring Scott to him. They’re found by hunters who attack Scott; Derek manages to save him and tells Scott that they’re brothers now.
The following Monday, Scott realises that Allison’s dad is the hunter who attacked him in the woods. He cries inside as he waves goodbye.

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  • Scott is in a red hoodie like little red riding hood
  • Chris Victoria almost hits Scott in the road
  • BHHS established in 1941; class of 1980 on the sign
  • No wolves in California for 60 years
  • The Argents lived in San Francisco for a year
  • Lone wolves howl to signal the pack
  • Melissa and Scott’s car has a missing wing mirror on the driver’s side
  • Derek says “their kind” about the hunters like they are another species
  • Stiles had a boa constrictor as a pet


  • Wolf telepathy
  • Scott sleeping walking into the woods – wakes up by a stream


  • Laura is naked – why is she naked?
  • They say they have a suspect in custody but who?

Memorable Quotes

  • “Where are you getting your juice?” – “My Mom does all the grocery shopping.”
  • Finstock: “Your parents are proud, your girlfriend loves ya’ – everything else is… creamcheese.”
  • “The bite is a gift”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Scott jumps out of his window

Favourite Music (full music list here)

  • Dan Deacon – On the Mountains : Scott stands in the middle of the road after getting bitten.
  • Teddy Bears – Cobrastyle : lacrosse tryouts, and everyone’s surprised at Scott’s skill
  • Kids of 88 – Just a Little Bit : Elimination round of lacrosse. Scott skilfully dodges other players and makes the shot. Stiles looks on.


  • Stiles – Poison Friend