Episode 3×12 : Lunar Ellipse

Scott, Stiles and Allison emerge from their sacrifice knowing where the nemeton is just in time for the lunar eclipse.

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  • Victoria was the one who nearly run Scott over in 1×01
  • Scott, Stiles and Allison were underwater for almost 16 hours
  • Why did Kali still want Derek dead when she knew Deucalion was the one to kill him
  • Peter is a little mad
  • New code: “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”
  • Blake knows Peter well



  • Why is this episode titled “Lunar ELLIPSE”
  • It was weird how concerned Cora was towards Ethan and Aiden when a few days earlier she wanted Aiden dead
  • Why did Peter want Derek and Cora out of town so badly?
  • What happened to Morrell?
  • What was the point of Blake having Derek as her guardian when she could have killed the 3 guardians and killed Deucalion whenever she wanted; why even use the lunar ellipse if she was going to kill them anyway & how can Derek, a weakened not!alpha act as a pseudo-guardian against an alpha

Memorable Quotes

  • Derek: “Like my mother used to say: I’m a predator, I don’t have to be a killer.”
  • Peter: “Again. Again? I am the Alpha. I have always been the Alpha!”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Scott breaking the mountain ash barrier

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