Episode 3×11 : Alpha Pact

Stiles slaps Derek around trying to wake him up, shouting his name as he pounds his fists on Derek… Derek promised Cora he wouldn’t leave her and needs to make her better before going after the Darach. He leeches Cora’s pain and later decides to sacrifice his Alpha powers to save her. Peter is pleased.
Stiles is questioned by an FBI agent who seems to know a lot about Stilinski in the past. Stiles tells him to fuck off.
Chris is taken by Jennifer, Stiles has a panic attack knowing his dad is one step closer to death. Lydia brings him out of his attack with a kiss. Scott, Stiles and Allison step into the ice baths to temporarily kill themselves as a sacrifice to the nemeton; they will forever have a darkness around their heart.
Stiles tells Scott that his father is back in town just before going under…

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  • A ceremonial silver bullet is forged once a hunter has finished their training (might be just an Argent thing)


  • Wolf howls after Peter flees
  • Screech as Chris is taken by Jennifer
  • Jennifer is in-sync with the currents
  • Animals can sense supernatural disasters
  • Peter was Talia’s younger brother
  • Braiden = Mysterious Girl – sent to maintain balance
  • “If Derek joins the pack it paves the way for Scott”
  • Scott ordered the other alphas to stand down and they did
  • Stiles’ mum was called Claudia and Stiles was there when she died
  • 8 years ago, teenage girl in car crash told Stilinski to go to her while he still had time but didn’t believe (Stiles was 9)
  • Deaton says “parents” weirdly
  • They are giving power back to the nemeton, it attracts the supernatural. They can feel the darkness around their hearts, permanent like a scar – a tattoo
  •  Stiles: badge; Scott: watch; Allison: bullet
  • “It doesnt have to look good if it has meaning”


  • Hale House (or part of it) is made from the wood of the nemeton


  • How would Derek joining the alpha pack pave the way for Scott joining?

Memorable Quotes

  • Isaac: “Where you bored, where you lonely.” Derek: “Maybe”
  • Peter: “It’s that spark of power that makes you an alpha.”
  • Derek: “I don’t care about power. Not anymore.”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Stiles slaps Derek awake
  • Lydia and her mum – Lydia doesn’t want to cover up her
  • Stiles has a panic attack and Lydia kisses him
  • Lydia and Peter (hehe)
  • Deaton tells the Agent Stiles is with him
  • Morrell creating the mountain ash barrier
  • Stilinski tells Melissa and Chris about his wife, Claudia

Favourite Music (Full list here)

  • DJ Brownie vs Paul Grogan – Genius : Isaac joins Chris, Stiles and Allison
  • S. Carey – Broken : Lydia and her mum talk