Episode 3×10 : The Overlooked

A huge, probably supernatural storm (because holy crap that storm looked scary) forces Beacon Hills Hospital to evacuate patients. All except Cora because they’ve somehow forgotten about her. Cora doesn’t feel so good and spews black blood; we later find she’s been poisoned by mistletoe and Blake is the only one who can save her.

Blake tries to convince Derek that Stiles and Scott are spreading malicious rumours her about being the Darach (she’s an innocent flower, she’d never do anything that bad) but Stiles and Scott beat her to the loft, and Derek, upon seeing Stiles tear brimmed eyes, takes his side and tries to strangle Blake because he’s been used and lied to so many freaking times and he’s pissed. But he can’t kill her, not yet at least, since Blake is the only one who can save Cora and tell them where Stilinski is.

They’re ambushed in the hospital by the Alpha Pack and Blake forces them to help them escape. Stiles gets all up in Derek’s face, and Peter gets hit up with adrenaline (epinephrine) and gets all superwolf (not that SuperWOLF).

Deucalion takes Melissa as hostage and forces her to make an announcement, calling Deucalion “Mr Deucalion” and telling the group that they only want Blake. Deucalion later lets Melissa go as a gesture of goodwill (eff off, Deucalion!)

Stiles saves Cora’s life by giving her mouth to mouth, and we find that the twins are in conflict with their orders since Ethan hesitated during a fight.

Blake escapes, knocking Derek out and takes Melissa with her. Outside by the ambulance, Stiles realises that Guardians also means parents so runs back in to find Scott making a deal with the devil (Deucalion). Stilinski and Melissa are bound in the Nemeton; at least since they’re not gagged they can bond over their children being involved in the supernatural.

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  • A lunar eclipse takes away a werewolf’s power


  • Mistletoe can both be a cure and harm the Darach – her true face will be seen
  • Blake was Kali’s emissary, the blood spilled at the Nemeton saved her



  • Did Morrell know about Jennifer Blake?



  • Derek takes Stiles’ side when Blake tries to convince him they’re lying
  • Stiles gets up in Derek’s face and shouts at him
  • Peter hyped on adrenaline
  • Stiles touches Derek’s arm for a moment in the ambulance
  • Melissa shocks the twins and Scott looks in awe of his mother
  • Decualion, Scott and Stiles on the rooftop. Stiles tries to convince Scott to stay