Episode 3×08 : Visionary

Story time with Gerard and Peter! In return for werewolf drugs courtesy of Scott and attention to Peter from Stiles and Cora, they each tell their version of events of Beacon Hills.
The Alpha Pack, then being alphas of their own packs are in Beacon Hills to be close to the awesomeness of Talia Hale. Deucalion is kind of a hippy werewolf, all about peace and love, and his blind trust in people gets him literally blinded in a show of fireworks.
Gerard finishes telling his tale of lies and Scott, hating lying liars who lies, tells Gerard that if he finds out he was lying he’ll do something really mean. It was awesome and intense. Potential True Alpha in the house!!
Peter sits Cora and Stiles down and tells them about the time Derek used a basketball to woo a girl and Stiles flashes back to 2×04 and realises Derek was flirting with him. Paige plays the cello and Derek plays the triangle and together they form a band and practice everyday while making out in between.  Young!Peter who looks to be the same age as Derek and claims to be best buds with Derek, subtly places the idea of turning Paige in Derek’s mind.
Present day Peter, who’s telling a truly riveting story of lies, twists it to make it seem like Derek came up with this plan and Young!Peter tried to dissuade him. Paige is at school at night (remind you of someone) and attacked and bitten by Ennis but her body rejects the bite, Derek takes her to the druid’s hideout and kills her to end her pain. His eyes turn blue, and Talia appears and reassures Derek that he’s still pretty.

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  • Werewolves are taught to hide when hunters find them
  • Shapeshifting into an actual wolf is a special skill – Talia could do this and Laura after her (we don’t know about Derek and Peter was able to half shift.)
  • “Not as young as we could have been but not as old as you think.”
  • 5 fold knot – druid symbol “emoton” druid place of worship. The tree is seen as the centre of the world and cutting or harming the tree causes trouble – fires, chaos etc
  • Lycaon – links to druids, helped Lycaon and his sons control the change – show’s lore in the origin of werewolves
  • Spiked mace – one of the first weopon used by man according to Gerard
  • Taking a life takes a bit of your soul, turning their eyes to blue
  • 100 years olf ritual


  • Peter had yellow eyes in the flashback – when did they turn blue for him?
  • Derek was like Scott when he was younger
  • Talia was respected and looked up to for advice
  • Peter hid with Derek for 2 days to escape the hunters
  • Gerard accuses Deaton of being the dark druid – they found a doctor soon after Deaton was taken, he says it was convenient
  • Allison is good at bluffing
  • Deucalion isn’t always blind – sees through his wolf
  • Peter was Derek’s best friend according to Peter
  • Losing a member of your pack is like losing a limb
  • It’s in [Gerard’s] nature to doublecross
  • Both Deaton and Gerard mention the scorpion and frog/turtle? story
  • Gerard can control his heart rate


  • Derek having the potential to be a true alpha but it was intentionally tainted by Peter
  • Paige’s death at the druid tree sparked something


  • How could Derek not remember it was Ennis?
  • When did Peter’s eyes change to blue?
  • What were Peter’s motives?
  • What is Paige’s last name?!

Favourite Scenes

  • Ennis’ beta gets shot in the neck
  • Talia arrives in her wolf form
  • Derek holds Paige as she dies
  • Scott threatens Gerard
  • Stiles decides he has to ask Derek about his side of the story


  • Young!Peter: “No one will ban me from anywhere, I’m too good looking.”
  • Young!Peter: “Perfect combinations are rare in an imperfect world.”
  • Young!Peter: “The bite is a gift.”
  • Stiles: “I’ve shared some really intimate details with her.”
  • Deucalion: “I’m an Alpha, I never walk alone.”
  • “I had a vision, a vision of peace.” — Gerard: “A little short-sighted, wouldn’t you say?”
  • Cora: “The kind of look that makes me want to punch you.” Stiles: “Oh my God, you are so Derek’s sister.”
  • Young!Derek: “My eyes, they’re different.” — Talia: Different, but still beautiful, just like the rest of you.”


  • Deucalion scrambles out of the warehouse, Derek holds Paige
  • Stiles and Cora talk, Talia goes to Derek