Episode 3×07 : Currents

Danny is targeted by the Darach because he got close to figuring out the importance of Beacon Hills – it is an actual beacon of energy because of the Telluric currents. They use these currents to find Deaton after he is taken by the Darach – healers are the target and two doctors have already been taken – giants moths fly into a car and out of mirrors and we see Darach chilling either in the backseat or from the other world beyond the mirror (or something).
The Alphas are coming after Derek that night and Boyd and Isaac come up with a plan to protect Derek – by flooding the loft and electrocuting the Alphas. It doesn’t go so well. Derek is forced to kill Boyd. Stiles arrives to find Boyd dead and Derek kneeling on the beside him, his hands shaking – Stiles touches Derek to comfort him.
Meanwhile, Scott finds Deaton hanging around in the bank but he’s surrounded by mountain ash so can’t pass. Scott tries to push through the barrier – his eyes turn red and Deaton sees. Luckily, the Sheriff comes and saves Deaton because he’s so damn clever and figured it out. While the Sheriff goes to call an ambulance, Deaton tells Scott that he has the potential to become an alpha – a true alpha.

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  • Mistletoe
  • Moths
  • The tree Lydia keeps drawing


  • It’s the first time we’ve seen the werewolf pain take-a-way-er done on a person
  • The Darach has white eyes and a burnt face
  • An Ouija board, psychometry and automatic writing are used to trigger something from Lydia
  • Lydia draws a tree
  • There’s a horse on Chris’ desk
  • Allison has a collection of butterflies on her bedroom wall
  • Telluric currents – geomagnetic and can be affected by lunar phases
  • Beacon Hills is an actual beacon for energy
  • Lunar eclipse might make werewolves stronger
  • Scott is a true alpha – can become one just by his force of will – Deaton believed he could become one ever since he found out Scott had been bitten. It’s rare, once every hundred years.
  • Suggests most Alphas become an Alpha by stealing or taking the power.


  • How did the Darach get Danny to eat mistletoe?
  • Emphasis on the needle – why?
  • How did the Alpha Pack narrow it down to Lydia and Danny?


  • Darach linked to the Hales? (because it looks like he has a burnt face)

Favourite Scenes

  • Deucalion and Scott “talk” in the music room
  • Stiles visits Danny at the hospital and convinces him he’s dreaming
  • Stiles puts his hand on Derek’s shoulder to comfort him
  • The Sheriff shoots the ropes binding Deaton in one shot. Her basically saved the day
  • Deaton tells Scott about his potential to become a true alpha

Favourite Quotes

  • Scott: “Sometimes human contact can help with pain.”
  • Isaac: “We were watching over you.”
  • Scott: “you were on watch last.” Isaac: “What are you talking about, you were on watch last.” Scott: “No, you were on watch last.” Isaac (nodding): “I might have been on watch last.”
  • Isaac: “I have a migraine and Boyd here has explosive diarrhoea.”
  • Stiles: “What if telling him gets him killed…? But this is my actual father. I can’t… I can’t lose both my parents, all right. Not both of them.”
  • Aiden: When in a high school has a fire alarm actually been a real fire?” Lydia: That’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect two dumb-ass students to say just before getting  burned alive.”
  • Lydia: My last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard. I think I can handle a werewolf.”
  • Allison: “What are you doing? Scott: “Nothing” Allison: “Part of you is doing something.”
  • What are you doing?” Stiles: “I’m not doing anything, this is just a dream… that you’re having.” Danny: “Why are you going through my stuff. ” Stiles: “Right, but only in the dream, remember. Dream… dreeeeaming.” Danny: “Why would I dream about you going through my stuff. Stiles: “I don’t know that, Danny, okay, it’s your dream take responsibility for it. Just shut up and go back to sleep.”
  • Derek: “I’m gonna rip your throat out with my teeth.”

Music (Full list here)

  • Mikky Ekko – Disappear : Scott and Allison in the closet