Episode 3×06 : Motel California

At a Motel in California famous for guest suicides, the werewolves are acting strange and it’s up to Stiles, Lydia and Allison to solve the mystery.
Boyd had a sister named Aleesha who was abducted at the ice skating rink when Boyd was younger, Scott hallucinates seeing Melissa’s throat slashed by Deucalion, Isaac hallucinates being locked in the freezer and Ethan hallucinates his brother coming out of him. Scott is found with a match ready to set fire to himself when Stiles intervenes and talks him off the edge.


  • Alexander Argent died on March 5th 1977 in room 217
  • D.O.B 28-04-1950 (27 when he died)
  • Lydia had a bad feeling about the motel – sixth sense
  • Stiles’ suspects: Derek, Cora, Harris & Lydia
  • 198 deaths – 201 (+3)
  • Lydia heard people commit suicide from the past; air and water
  • It was almost like something was giving her clues as to what was going on – like when she knew someone was drowning
  • Aleesha was the name of Boyd’s sister. She went missing at the ice rink when Boyd was younger


  • Souls trapped in the dark oak
  • The person who laced the Coach’s whistle with wolfsbane must have known he likes to blow it often
  • Mr. Leery (Isaac’s dad) is the Darach – or involved in all of this somehow
  • Stealing a betas power also gives them their years


  • Why was the tally only increased by 3 when Scott, Isaac, Boyd and Ethan were influenced into suicide?
  • Why did Derek go back to the loft, we know from Magic Bullet that he wouldn’t go back home while he’s so vulnerable
  • If the 3 werewolf deaths were part of the human sacrifice, why weren’t they done as a three-fold death?
  • How old is Deucalion if he was the one who bit Alexander?
  • Why hasn’t Chris killed Gerard? What part does he have to play in all of this?

Favourite Scenes

  • Stiles takes some snacks out from the broken vending machine
  • Stiles talking Scott out of killing himself, calling Scott his brother

Favourite Quotes

  • “I have 4.” — “You have 4 suspects.” — “Yeah, it was originally 10, well 9 technically, I guess, I had Derek on there twice.”
  • “Oh my God, have you still not seen Star Wars?”
  • “You know what, I got a patented method for this, don’t worry.”
  • “You’re like one giant open wound, I’m not entirely sure you aren’t really dead.”

Favourite Music

  • Guards – Your Man : Scott and Stiles get off the bus
  • Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis : Lydia realises the whistle had wolfsbane in it