Episode 3×04 : Unleashed

Derek spends the day with a rusty pipe through his chest. Meanwhile, Scott, Isaac plays silly pranks on Ethan and Aiden. Ethan likes it rough, it seems.
Stiles goes to Deaton to prove his theory of sacrifice sacrifice to be true, and Mr. Harris is murdered by what we find out is a dark druid known as Daroch.
Deucalion reveals to Derek that he wants him to kill his own pack. After they leave and Isaac returns from his day of mischief, Derek kicks Isaac out of the loft, throwing a glass at him reminiscent of how his father did that to him the night he died.
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  • If an Alpha kills the betas, they gain their strength


  • Mistletoe is poisonous to werewolves
  • Isaac has claustrophobia
  • Deucalion knew the Hales
  • Deucalion’s glasses shatter for some reason



  • Why/how did the dog ingest mistletoe or was this just to introduce the fact that it’s harmful to werewolves?
  • Can the dark druid change forms?
  • Did Lydia see the druid take the piano player, she might have been there when it happened but in a trance. Will they hypnotise her?
  • Why did Deucalion’s glasses shatter?
  • How exactly did Harris help the dark druid?

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Scott’s use of sarcasm about sleeping with his clients.
  • Stiles wanting to have sex and Danny offering
  • Scott asking to use the bathroom straight after Isaac asks to go
  • Aiden beats up Ethan
  • Scott saves his boyfriend and kicks Ethan in the face
  • Allison and Isaac in the janitor’s closet; Isaac loses control
  • Scott pulls out motorcycle parts in front of the twins; Isaac drives into the school on the motorcycle and flips off it
  • Derek kicks Isaac out of the loft

Favourite Quotes

  • Scott: “Deaton makes me have sex with all his clients. It’s a new policy.”
  • Stiles: “You know who else is a virgin. Me. I’m a virgin, okay, and you know what that means, it means that my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life. Okay, I need to have sex like right now! Someone needs to have sex with me like today, like someone needs to sex me right now! Danny: “Alright, I’ll do it. Come over to my place at 9 and plan to stay the night, I like to cuddle.”
  • Aiden: “I always forget, how many bones in the human body?” Ethan: “I dunno, let’s count.” *Scott kicks Ethan in the face* Scott: “That’s one.”
  • Coach: “You heard the man, nothing to see here, probably just a homeless kid.” Scott: Coach, he was a senior.” Coach: “He wasn’t on the team, was he?”
  • Stiles: “Am I the only one noticing the lack of werewolfitude in these murders?
  • Stiles: “Scott, your eyes turn into yellow glow sticks, okay, hair literally grows from your cheeks and then, well, immediately disappear, and if I were to stab you right now – okay – it would magically heal, but you’re telling me you’re having trouble grasping human sacrifice?”
  • Cora: “I’m done lying around” Derek: “Then sit.”
  • Deucalion: ” You’ve never seen anything like me. I am the Alpha of Alphas, I am the apex of apex predators, I am death, destroyer of worlds, I am the demon wolf!”

Memorable Music (Full list here)

  • Galantis – Raveheart : Fight in Derek’s loft
  • The Bloody Beatroots ft. Tai & Bart B More – Spank : Isaac rides into the school on a motorcycle