Episode 3×03 : Fireflies

Boyd and Cora are still on the loose, Scott turns to Chris for help and together with Isaac and Derek, they trap Boyd and Cora in the boiler room. Unfortunately for them, the school is weird and have their supply stock in the boiler room and Ms. Blake gets trapped with the out of control betas. Derek risks his life to save her and becomes her hero.

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  • Lydia has been taking a lot of medication – headaches?
  • Lydia is losing time
  • The body of the lifeguard wasn’t there one minute
  • Emily disappears – are the bugs the door to the other world? Are they killed in the otherworld then brought back?
  • Stiles mentions The Shining
  • The purity ring looks like it was put on after – is it to throw them off the scent – are they really after virgins?
  • Chris doing grocery shopping
  • Why did Derek change his car?
  • Derek doesn’t know Cora’s scent *sad face*
  • Heather was killed a stick used to put through the rope and twisted – garotte


  • Ultra-sonic emitters – gives off a high pitched frequency that only werewolves can hear to drive them in the direction them want. Interesting how this is introduced now…



  • What’s important about the fireflies? California fireflies aren’t bi-luminous – they don’t glow
  • “You’re supposed to put holes in the lid, otherwise you kill them.” A clue of some sort?
  • What is up with the bugs?!
  • Why didn’t Peter care that Cora was alive *sobs*
  • Were the victims strangled with a special kind of rope?
  • Human sacrifices to whom?

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Isaac and Derek in the car, Isaac asks avout Cora and Derek gives him a look
  • Allison going on her own and hunting Boyd and Cora
  • Melissa and Stiles scene at the hospital
  • Stiles seeing Heather’s body and crying

Memorable Quotes

  • “You called the police before you called  me?” — “I’m supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?” — “YES!!”
  • “I don’t know this kid Boyd. I don’t even know his last name.” — “Boyd is his last name.” — “What’s his first name?” — “Vernon.”
  • Derek: “Thanks but I’ve got my own.” *shows of his alpha eyes*
  • “Maybe my face just has a naturally interrogatory expression.” – “Well your interrogatory expression is getting on my nerves.”
  • “Ugh, ah man, what is that? Is that brain matter? Yeah, it’s brain matter, of course.”

Favourite Music