Episode 3×02 : Chaos Rising

Isaac recalls parts of his stolen memories to find that the Alphas are pitting Boyd and who they assume to be Erica against each other to the death. Isaac is then traumatised further by being held down in an ice bath where they find that Erica may be dead.
Derek is willing to give up his life to save Boyd and Erica (who he refuses to be dead) and he and Scott burst into the bank vault to find Boyd and Cora rabid and ready to kill them. Derek knows Cora and reveals that she’s his younger sister.
Morrell creates a mountain ash barrier around the vault, trapping Derek and Scott inside. She leaves with Deucalion and they seem well acquainted.
Allison breaks the mountain ash line and Boyd and Cora escape. Derek is mad.
Lydia wakes up screaming.

Recap | Podcast


  • Memory manipulation is mostly done by alphas and it takes a lot of skill and practice
  • Hecatolite can suppress a werewolf from changing on a full moon
  • If a werewolf can’t turn on a full moon for long enough, they go mad


  • Stiles knew Heather since nursery
  • No one likes Peter other than Peter
  • Pareidonia: seeing patterns that aren’t there
  • Risk and reward – might be a theme in this season. Scott chooses not to play
  • Derek has told Stiles that it’s easier to turn teenagers
  • Stiles’ mum and Heather’s mum used to be friends
  • Morrell revealed to be working with Deucalion. This isn’t the first time she’s got her hands dirty



  • What was up with the illusion of the wine bottles falling? Was it just to lead her to the window. Could the baddie not enter the house or something?
  • Why did the lights flicker? Was it more than just the storm? Something supernatural?
  • What is Merin Morrell up to?
  • How did Cora survive the Hale Fire?
  • Was Cora with the Alpha Pack for 6 years or did they capture her recently?
  • Is the bank robbery important?

Favourite Quotes

  • Scott: “How does my breath smell? Stiles: “I’m not smelling your breath.”
  • Isaac: “Personally, I trust Scott.” — Derek: “Do you trust me?” — *pause* Isaac: “Yeah.”
  • Derek: “We don’t like you. Now shut up and help us.”
  • Stiles: “Look, no one died, there may have been a little maiming, a little mangling, but no death. That’s what I call an important distinction”
  • Stiles (to Derek): “Let’s see that fist. make it. Big ol’ fist…”
  • Peter: “If that’s not enough to scare your testicles back into your stomach try to remember that two of them combine bodies to make one giant alpha.”
  • Stiles: “Can someone kill him again please?”
  • Stiles: “It’s nerve wracking. My nerves are wracked. They’re severely wracked. Wraaaacked”

Favourite Scene(s)

  • Stiles and Scott’s best friend handshake
  • Scott’s face when Heather kisses Stiles
  • Stiles frantically searching for condoms and seeing the XXL sign on the box
  • The flying condom packet
  • Peter’s entrance and Derek’s “We don’t like you” line
  • Derek says Cora’s name and it’s revealed she’s his younger sister

Memorable Music (Full list here)

  • Black Box Revelation – High On A Wire : Peter’s grand entrance