3×16 : Illuminated

They throw a Halloween party at Derek’s loft…


  • Isaac is cold after he’s attacked by shadow people, he has to turn to warm up
  • Their eyes were greenish-yellow like a firefly, they came out of the shadows
  • Chris has a broken mask in a marked box – there’s space for a dagger which isn’t there
  • Ms. Martin hasn’t taught in five years SHE’S THE NEW CHEM TEACHER!
  • Kira’s light started a couple of months ago
  • The Sheriff and Stiles know something about Rafael that he doesn’t want anyone to know
  • Lydia’s scream is taken
  • Stiles’ mysterious key has phosphor on it
  • The number 5 is on the back of the heads
  • Isaac, Ethan, Lydia, Derek, Aiden have the mark


  • Why were they cold?
  • Where did Chris go?!


Favourite Scenes

  • Derek giving the kids sweets then scaring them
  • Derek telling everyone to get out


  • Stiles: “What can I say, I take after my pops, he’s in law enforcement.”
  • Sheriff: “To be honest I haven’t believed a word Stiles had said since he learned how to speak.”
  • Lydia’s mum: “Try not to embarrass me.” Lydia: “You should have thought about that before wearing those shoes.”
  • Kira: “What kind of pictures?” — Scott:  “naked pictures”
  • Isaac: “I don’t like keeping secrets from Scott.”