3×15 : Galvanised

Barrow escapes during surgery and goes after Kira; Derek uses Talia’s claws to communicate with his mother; Scott has an awkward dinner with the Yukimuras; Kira absorbs thousands of volts of electricity after being attacked by Barrow; Isaac is jumped by three masked beings in the dark.


  • It’s Finstocks birthday
  • William Barrow (born 24/5/1960) is a former electrical engineer; murdered 4 people, injured 1 on school bus with shrapnel – their eyes were glowing
  • Flies come out of Barrow’s tumour
  • Kira’s maternal side of the family has links to WW2
  • All that was left of Talia were her claws
  • Winston Churchill quote: “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”
  • Man & Nature theme in art
  • Stiles has more symbols (an alphabet) on his wall
  • Different colour string: green = solved; yellow = to be determined; blue = pretty; red = unsolved
  • Kira’s mother is the last of her name
  • Flies carrying messages to the dead
  • Beelzebub = lord of the flies. “Referred to as another name for the devil. Hell was mentioned this episode as well as the devil.


  • What did Derek have to ask Talia?
  • Who was the eyewitness who called about the train station?”
  • Why was the nemeton in Derek’s memory vision?
  • Did Kira know of her powers?
  • What did Talia say about Peter?
  • Where was Stiles when Kira absorbed the electricity?


  • Mr. Yakimura has a samurai sword collection!
  • Kira’s power could have more to do with science than the supernatural
  • Barrow was electrocuted while working and that made him see the glowing eyes and drive him to mass murder
  • Lydia wrote the atomic numbers on the chalkboard – NOPE
  • The person who wrote the numbers rubbed out a first set of numbers?

Favourite Scenes

  • Finstock smashing the gift from Greenburg on the ground
  • Finstock catches Stiles pulling the fire alarm
  • Derek sees his mother
  • Scott eats wasabi paste thinking it was guacamole


  • Ethan: “Dead’s still better than  being back at high school.”
  • “You’re like the hot girl that everyone wants.” — “I’m the hot girl?” — “You are the hottest girl.” — “I’m the hot girl.” — “Yes, you are.”
  • Peter: “Don’t you have any anaesthetic? — Derek: “Yep.”
  • Sheriff: “Lydia wasn’t on the chessboard.”
  • Finstock: “If I was four years younger, I’d punch you!”
  • Kira: “What happened to your wasabi?” — Scott: “I thought it was guacamole.”
  • Chris: “Allison, can I see you in my office. Where I keep my guns…ANOTHER WEREWOLF?!”


Niko Vega – Witchy Night : Kira listens to music really loud in the library.