3×14 : More Bad Than Good

Scott and the pack race to save Malia before Tate unintentionally murders his own daughter. Scott, Allison and Stiles find ways of coping with the nemeton effects.


  • They’re looking for “Ia loba” the she-wolf
  • Derek speaks Spanish
  • Peter looks confused when the hunter talks to Derek
  • Scott sees himself attacking young Malia
  • Mr. Tate still wears his wedding ring
  • Allison says coyotes travel on fixed trails and they tiptoe
  • They’re studying prisoners of war
  • Kira research: 6 states of bardo; life, meditation, dream, dying, dharmata & existence. There’s a symbol that looks like a cross
  • Tate brings a gun into the school
  • The twins giant form is broken
  • Stiles’ no: (404) 218 0124
  • Allison uses the code as her anchor
  • “Objects in mirror are close than they appear.” Stiles can read!
  • Three firefly people come out – one for each of them?


  • Chinese folktales will come into play this season?
  • Mr. Tate is shady


  • Who is the she-wolf
  • Why was Tate being so stupid?
  • Why did Deucalion hire Braeden to save Derek?
  • Reason for all the guns in Tate’s house?
  • The horse tranq should’ve killed Tate?
  • What’s in the triskele jar and why was it protected against werewolves?

Favourite scenes

  • Peter’s finger being cut off


  • Peter: “No one ever wants to hear me sing”
  • Agent McCall: “It’s  the not knowing that ruins people like Tate. The truth, no matter how profoundly it sucks, the truth is always better than not knowing.”
  • “Kira, you forgot all the research you did for that boy you like.”
  • Stiles: “What’s up with the scarf anyway? It’s 65 degrees out”
  • “We need an alpha .. an alpha who can get it going… you know…” Isaac: “get it up?”
  • “I’m an alpha with performance issues.”
  • You turn into an animal, or worse – You turn into Peter.”
  • “You can figure it out, Stiles. You’re the one who always figures it out so you can do it. figure it out.”


Monach – Alpha : The twins start beating up Scott