3×13 : Anchors

Scott, Stiles and Allison feel the presence of the nemeton; Sheriff Stilinski digs deeper into old cases; a wild were-coyote is found.

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  • Sleep paralysis
  • Stiles is having dreams within dreams within dreams
  • Stiles calls it a grove
  • War keeps coming up
  • Shadows
  • Scott sees shadows of the monster he’s scared of transforming into
  • Calendar Sheriff has on the wall is for February 2012, he’s looking in the future
  • Harris is on the board – will he  be mentioned again?
  • Stilinski was elected Sheriff 8 years earlier (2003)
  • Investigates case of missing 9 year old; mother and older sister killed in crash, wasn’t found until 3 days later
  • Yukimura’s came to town just after the nemeton
  • “Start over” might have significance
  • Isaac as drawing Allison?
  • Stiles’ locker
  • Scott’s eyes changed right after seeing Kira
  • Scott used pain to control the shift
  • “Illuminated perspective” says Stilinski: clue?
  • Three weeks have passed since the sacrifice
  • Stiles doesn’t know if he’s awake or asleep, he has to scream himself awake
  • Stiles can’t read, even when he’s “awake”
  • Someone stole the flowers to his mothers’ grave. It’s the gesture
  • Claudia died around October
  • “…opening of my eyes, the greater mysteries of the universe…”
  • Finstock’s got a new whistle
  • Bardo – in between states: visited by peaceful and wrathful deities
  • Last stage is death
  • unconsciousness to super consciousness
  • difference between open and ajar
  • When is a door not a door – when it is ajar
  • They each need to close the door ASAP
  • Coyote problem – rat trap
  • Take away their sort of food and they die
  • All Scott smells is dog – masking something…
  • The dog belonging to the Tates’ is called Apollo
  • The doll is important? “I’m hungry” like the werecoyote!


  • Their anchors are their parents?
  • Someone cutting down the tree caused the car crash?
  • Is Agent McCall the one who’s torturing Peter and Derek? Nope


  • Why/how did Deaton learn ASL?
  • Malia was the girl Stiles kisses? (8 years have gone by so she’ll be 17 now)
  • Are there any differences between werewolves and werecoyotes?

Favourite Scenes

  • Stilinski rushes to hold Stiles as he screams out of his dream
  • Melissa tells Scott to be his own anchor
  • Scott tells Stiles they’re going out to find a dead body (throwback to Pilot)
  • Scott jumps across the ravine like in 2×01
  • Allison and Lydia in the woods practising archery


  • Melissa: “Be your own anchor”
  • Agent McCall: “I’m not doing anything to your friend.”
  • Stiles: “This isnt just in our heads, it’s real”

Music (found here)

  • Departed – William Arcane : Isaac and Allison make out