5×11 : The Last Chimera

Lydia reveals details of Theo’s history to Valack; he killed his sister when he was ten in order to get her heart. Stiles, Scott and Malia face a berserker/were-jaguar chimera and the Dread Doctors in their race to figure out how to save Stilinski. Mason and Liam find the nemeton and Hayden reveals that she’s alive…


  • If they are the same were-species, they’re able to sense each other/have a connection


  • The trepanation has amplified Lydia’s banshee powers
  • Ten year old Theo killed his sister for her heart
  • Theo was first step in direction for Dread Doctors. One goal: creation of the perfect killer
  • Scott and Stiles find out about the beast the night of the super moon
  • Stilinski’s injuries: Liver laceration and perforated intestines
  • Looks like Scott is having problems keeping his alpha powers up – because most of his pack is split – he did literally die so…
  • Scott literally has an open wound
  • Liam’s dad knows something is up and Melissa knows what it is
  • Four bodies left at nemeton
    • The girl Kira killed and left on the kitchen table of McCall house
    • Scorpion guy
    • Boy (wings?)
    • Girl (brunette, white/yellow top, blue jeans)
  • Noah has a run in with Dread Doctors. Unknown if he is dead. No body has surfaced yet
  • Theo breaks Lydia out of Eichen house. They came for Parrish
  • “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves” Quote from Henry David Thoreau on Eichen House paperwork
  • Valack is able to project himself as Fenris
  • Stiles was knocked out three times. Stilinski telling him to get up. There was also a ringing sound.
  • Hand on Stiles’ shoulder. “You still got me.” PARALLELS
  • Dread Doctor has electro-magnetic gloves, creates force field
  • Noah = berserker/were-jaguar hybrid
  • Noah and Hayden will be drawn to each other since both have Jaguar DNA
  • Theo mentioned that he “could’ve used him [Noah]”. Didn’t say for what when Hayden asked
  • Scott’s pack symbol is his tattoo – a promise to reunite them


  • There is something the tunnels they haven’t found yet. Must be important since the hellhound/la bete drawing is there


  • Why is Valack so invested in this?
  • Why did the Dread Doctors choose a 10 year old willing to kill his sister?
  • Who is the last success – the Last Chimera?
  • Reason Theo failed and  the Dread Doctors changed their methods. What is the reason for why they succeeded…
  • Purple eyes – Wendigo + ?
  • One of the Chimeras can turn invisible/camouflage – where is this from?
  • Stilinski got an O Neg blood transfusion! Does this mean he’s now technically a genetic chimera?
  • Who is the Lydia in the shower? (Parrish did mention in 5×10 that he saw the banshee and she was trying to keep him alive)
  • Now that BHHS sign is moved, is the Hale vault is open?
  • Stilinski talking to Stiles while he sleeps? Is it Stilinski or the nemeton calling to Stiles?
  • “I told you to stay in the car.” Lydia repeating this. Is she seeing this inside her head at the moment – something important happened to Lorraine in that time. The Dread Doctors around at this time?
  • Valack in disguise as Fenris. Is the real Fenris dead?
  • Transfer of werewolf abilities to Mason through skin contact. Is this the first time or has this happened before that we just didn’t notice?


  • Lydia: “You’re a harbinger of death, Jordan. Don’t you know someone is dying.”