Stiles and the Clawman

I’ll start off by saying that I know this probably isn’t the case but it was the first thing that came to mind and I can’t stop thinking about it.

In 5.01, when the not!werewolf was given the option to stay or leave town, he turned to Stiles as if asking for his opinion.

not werewolf 501 creatures of the night

It could’ve just been a way to fit in Stiles’ “I’d run” line but it looked like permission and was reminiscent of the scene in Charmed when Cole was The Source and the Lazerus demon followed Cole’s orders to stop when he was about to attack Phoebe.

It’s not just that though. When I thought about it, the way The Doctors were talking about no second chances, it did remind me about the discussion Stiles and Scott had about trust and Scott even possibly giving Peter a second chance if he could.

“I bet you still think that there’s something about [Peter] that can be saved.”

At first I thought it was simply to show the rifts and differences appearing between Stiles and Scott – the very thing Stiles is afraid of – losing his friends – but with what The Doctors, it looks like they think along Stiles’ lines.

Time is going to be a big thing this season, it was mentioned a couple of times the last two episodes (“Theo” saying he lost track of time, The Doctors saying they their “time is limited”, and the clock in Scott’s house – I’m sure there’s more) but if time isn’t as linear as we think it is (the raven/crow trying to get inside the bedroom, ended up being the end where the girl finds herself in that same spot) – then what if a version of Stiles – an older, twisted, more cynical Stiles is the brains of the operation? Maybe they drifted apart so much that they’re now on opposite sides…

It is a cool idea I think. This season has started of great so I’m so excited to see what happens next!