Experiments in Eichen House

With the new supernatural wing of Eichen House revealed and having a large role in season 5 (Lydia being escorted inside and Stiles and Lydia visiting Valek), it could be that the baddies this season are results of experiments being conducted inside Eichen House (very American Horror Story).

Chris did say something in 2.11 that relates – how his family knew the stages of how electricity effects werewolf physiology. “That kind of scientific accuracy – it makes you wonder where the line between the natural and the supernatural really exists.”

And then we have Doctor Fenris who’s not only in Beacon Hills but working inside Eichen House. And rewatching 4.11, it sure looks like Deaton and Fenris have a history since he calls him Alan and not Dr. Deaton or just Deaton. Put’s into question Fenris in the webisodes and whether he knew more than he let on or whether he was recruited by someone.

It also makes me wonder if Deaton has any involvement with these experiments since a line Valek says got me thinking – “Oh, I know your speciality, Dr Deaton, and I know it’s not cats and dogs.” And again in 3.04 where Deaton talks about how he’d spent “the last ten years trying to push something away – denying it – lying about it.” He describes the druids as “people who should’ve known better…” Here, he could have been talking about himself, not just the old druids.

So yeah, experiments. There is a shot of someone in an oxygen mask in a glass tube of water. This could be inside Eichen House.

TW ExperimentWhat exactly they’re doing with this person is unclear – maybe they’re trying to create a cure, or attempting to create hybrids, trying to play God.

The person in the tube could be Gerard. Since the season is all about the ‘bad blood’ and Gerard is a bad blood factory, he’s perfect for their experiments!