Where the f*ck did Lydia learn to fight like that?!

Seriously. Did she read a book about it during the summer or was she rebirthed as a sensate and had a Sun-like person fighting for her. Was it the Nemeton giving her the knowledge she needed to try and escape or is it all in her head and she’s trapped in her head courtesy of Dr. Valek?

The way she pushed the guards back in the 5.01 preview reminded me a lot of the way Julia/Jennifer pushed Kali back from the elevator in 3.10.

Lydia 501 2

kali jennifer 310

Was it purposefully made to look like that or was it just Lydia using her new-found sonic powers. This could link in with the imagery of the dead birds, since a murder of crows did sacrifice themselves for Julia after she was attacked by Kali.

It could have been her catatonia that had something to do with her sudden fighting skills. The last time she was in a fugue state like that, she was just coming into her ‘Banshee-ness’ so it could be the way Banshees update?

The shower could hold some significance too. When I first saw the scene, I rolled my eyes because enough of Lyds in the shower, but it could have a deeper meaning relating to water and the lake.

Whatever it is, I’m glad Lydia is getting some development relating to her powers.