Braeden: ‘Girl’s Gotta Eat’

I’m loving Braeden so far, she’s my favourite new character and I hope she sticks around and not simply used as a plot device. I love the ambiguity to her character, she’s a bit like Morrell in that respect, and I’d be interested in finding out a bit more about her back story – why she became a hired gun and how she found out about the supernatural.

Braeden repeats the words ‘girl’s gotta eat’ for the second time in this show; the first time, I didn’t think anything of it, I loved that line – but the second time, it felt like she said it to justify to herself why she does what she does.  As if she’s conditioned herself to believe she’s in the business to survive when really there’s an underlying motive behind it all.

So far, we’ve seen her in a guardian and extractor role; getting Isaac to safety and retrieving Derek (and Peter) from the Calavaras. I find it a bit odd how she can switch back and forth between working for and against someone. I would be pissed if someone scratched up my face then came to me for help later, no matter how much paid.

With the dead pool list being mentioned soon, I would think that Braeden would want a piece of the pie. It’s kind of been hinted at already, when she casually mentioned not having any problems with killing Scott if the price was right – and I’m guessing the bounty for the head of a true alpha will be pretty high.