Calaveras Hunters and the Hidden Skulls

Throughout season 2, I noticed these little skull images dotted around the place:


201 Omega


207 Restraint


207 Restraint


It’s all been leading up to the introduction of the Mexican hunting family.


Calavera[s] is a skull made in celebrations for the Day of the Dead and All Souls Day and represent a dead soul. Similar to how the Argents’ symbol is a fleur-de-lis, the skull has significance in South America.

There’s still little we know about the hunters, like why do they feel they have jurisdiction in California, and how exactly they became the law enforcers of the Hunters’ Code. They are very strategic though; using the bullets to lure Scott and the pack to them and help them retrieve Derek.

Before the skull’s link to the hunters was revealed, I thought they represented crystal skulls linking to the 13 heavens the Aztec believed in. It’s also believed among some that the crystal skulls have healing and psychic abilities, others believe it’s a symbol of regeneration [x].