There’s something about Derek

There really is. I don’t know if Derek is just a tough sonofawonderfulwoman or that he literally cannot die. He’s been attacked, tortured, been at the brink of death, and he always miraculously recovers from it.

In 106, he’s attacked by Peter outside the school. He’s clawed similar to how Boyd was killed but Derek manages to survive. Even his leather jacket makes it intact.

And then again, in 305, Derek falls from a height, Ennis by his side – but while Ennis is critical, Derek is able to get up and leave.

There have been other instances where Derek has been at death’s door; after Peter is resurrected, Deaton brings him back; being scratched mercilessly by two feral werewolves; and maybe even giving up his alpha powers to save Cora – Peter might know of Derek’s immunity to death and is testing him?

Derek has had A LOT of close calls.

Then there’s the curious thing with Jennifer, where she’d rather have Derek on her side than using the guaranteed power of the guardian sacrifices. This could relate to the story Blake told Derek about Balder, the son whose mother made a deal with everything/one not to harm her child. Perhaps Talia made a similar deal for Derek and Blake knew this.

As well as that, Derek is king of the chessboard Stiles (Void) set up – and Balder is old English for ‘king’ – in chess, kings never die – they’re constantly threatened but never captured.

Then there’s what Lydia said in 401 after Stiles asks her if Derek is dead. “No, but I’m not sure he’s alive either… there’s something not right.”

It could have just been the state Derek’s body was in, having his age taken away magically, ooor it could make Derek being protected somehow more plausible. Why use Derek of all people to de-age in the name of an Aztec God unless there’s something special about him – and why did the hunters care so much about Derek’s whereabouts?!

For some reason Derek is important; whether it’s because he’s a Hale, his connection to the Nemeton, that he maybe is impervious to death, or something else entirely.