Melissa and Rafael’s secret (that Stiles and Sheriff know)

[So, the secret ended up being a disappointment given the hype, but I spent so long writing this post that I think I’ll publish it anyway. I didn’t think there was any point before, but fuck it.]

Not knowing this secret has been been keeping me up all night and it’s driving me crazy! What we know:

    • It’s the reason why McCall left
    • Stiles and Sheriff know
    • Sheriff advises McCall to tell Scott
    • Scott could react badly to the news
    • It’s not illegal
    • It’s probably not supernatural

Things that might be linked:

    • Rafael used to drink
    • Supernatural
    • South American Hunter family
    • Peter and the reason why his mind got claw-wiped
    • Sleepwalking
    • Barrow
    • McCall has a secret family
    • Scott’s dad really was a sperm donor
    • Melissa and the hospital
    • Kidnapping
    • Drugs

It’s the reason why McCall left, and since the divorce was recent, I’m guessing Scott was at least 14 when it occurred. Why would Melissa tell Sheriff? Legal advice. It feels like McCall and Stilinski used to be friends. Why didn’t Stiles tell Scott? It’s not his secret to tell, but I feel like if it serious impacted on Scott then Stiles would tell. Why has McCall decides to come back and tell Scott?

“I know the real reason you don’t like him [Stilinski] […] He knows something that you don’t want him to know, and guess what, I know it too.” – Stiles/Void 3×16

But from 3×22, it looks like what happened is something both Melissa AND McCall had a part in.

“You can’t crumble that easily. How are you gonna hold up once Scott knows the truth – when he finds out why his dad really left. You know he overheard it right, you had no idea, you called Stilinski right after it happened, you didn’t tell Scott but you told the Sheriff…” – Void, 3×22

It can’t be illegal if Melissa told Stilinski, and the way Void worded it made it seem like Melissa called immediately after the thing happened. Also, Stiles knows everything but only shows hatred towards Rafael and not Melissa. And we know that McCall has it out for Stilinski because he hates that he knows. Something McCall did paints him in a bad light – and Melissa feels like Scott will be mad at her for knowing and not telling him. Whatever this secret is, the last think I want is for Melissa’s character to be ruined. Everything she has ever done has been for the benefit of Scott. And I don’t think Scott could ever hate Melissa for trying to protect him, he’d just love her more (if that was even possible.)

“…Tell him, the next time you see him just tell him everything.” – Sheriff Stilinski, 3×22

And Stilinski is urging McCall to tell Scott so it can’t be too terrible.  /// Scott dislikes his dad and actually calls him nothing more than a sperm donor. He used to live with his dad (1×03) and whatever happened could be why he went to live with Melissa. Melissa also mentions that they are better off without Rafael in their lives (1×05).  If Scott found out the truth would his feelings for McCall change. Was having Scott resent him better than telling him the secret?

“Kicking you out of a job is not why I came here, it was an excuse to stay.”

The event is the reason why McCall had to leave and after all this time, why has Rafael chosen now to return and tell Scott everything? What has changed… /// With only two episodes left it has to link in with the story line, and the only things I can think of are the berserkers and Peter’s mystery kid. It might not even be supernaturally linked. 1. We know that Rafael used to drink a lot from his and Melissa’s conversation in 3×18. Rafael’s drinking could be involved in what happened. “There was that one night I came home drunk.” — “Oh, one night.” But then the way they talk about it doesn’t make it sound like it brings up guilt.  

  • The secret has to be damaging enough to make McCall hate Stilinski for knowing, but still something Melissa is comfortable in telling the Sheriff.
  • I’m assuming the divorce was recent enough that whatever happened, happened in the last two years (2009-2010).
  • I hope this secret doesn’t mess up Melissa’s character. Everything Melissa has done, it’s been in the best interests of Scott.