Berserkers were Introduced by Chris Argent in 3×20 as shapeshifters who use animal pelts to  focus their rage. Most sources associate berserkers with Norse warriors, Derek describes them as Germanic warriors who “wore the skins of bears to channel their ferocity…”

When Derek calls them Germanic, it could link in with the ancient Germanic tribe of the Teutones who were known to be go into a “berserk rage in battle.” The Latin phrase Furor Teutonicus (Teutonic Fury) refers to the tribe. These tribes were at war with the Roman Empire.

Chris mentions that it’s possible for humans to become berserkers using rituals but it takes a toll on a human body.

“They didn’t just wear them, they became them. You know a couple of years ago a family came to us for help with their son. This group of teenagers, they were doing all sorts of rituals with animal skins. Somehow they tapped into it. But with berserkers, the humans they don’t last that long, they’re not tempered by the moon.”

“She tore them apart. Eventually I had to tell the family their son was gone took three of us to take him down almost every bullet we had and when it was over I felt no remorse…” – Chris Argent, 3×20