The Other Banshee

In the show Wolf Watch aired after “Riddled”, Jeff mentions meeting another banshee this season. I think we’ve met her already – in Echo House, we see a patient named Meredith who talks to someone on the other end of a payphone which ends up being disconnected. I think she was speaking to a dead person – maybe a victim of the Oak Creek massacre or another banshee – maybe both?

Meredith mentions that “one of them is standing right behind me” – she could have meant Oliver or Stiles in terms of them both being possessed/controlled – but at the time, Stiles was himself – she could want to warn him…

Meredith tells the caller that she wants to tell them the whole story. This could be linked to what really happened in Oak Creek or could have important information in saving Stiles from the nogitsune. But it leaves the question of why the person on the other end doesn’t want that to happen.


There are whispers in the background in the scene with Meredith, just like the sound surrounding Lydia when she’s tapping into her powers.

Oliver mentioned everyone’s reasons for being at EH – “That’s Meredith, she’s a little weird.”

Since we go back to Echo House next episode, we’ll probably see Meredith again. Maybe Lydia will meet her and realise she’s not mentally ill. Has her banshee abilities been mistaken for delusions of a troubled mind?

Or maybe she’s in there to escape something…