Recap: 3.13 – Anchors

Stiles clutches hard at the sheets, sweating and moaning. He whimpers, his eyes screwed shut as he shakes and writhes on his bed, fighting with the sheets twisted against his limbs. Yeah. He’s having a nightmare. He keeps repeating ‘don’t let them in’ like a warning to himself. He should really record himself sleeping. Stiles ‘wakes’ up in a locker in the boys’ changing room. When he looks in the mirror, his reflection looks distorted – it’s out of proportion but this could just be the mirror itself or because he’s in a dream. Also, the mirror next to the one he’s looking at is pitch black. Darkness, absolute darkness.

He finds the hugeass nemeton in the middle of a destroyed classroom and when Stiles moves to touch it, the stump rumbles and vines snap up and twist around his wrist. He wakes up…

To find Lydia Fucking Martin in his bed.

I was well confused.

Please be a dream, please be a dream.

Stiles tells Lydia about his dream within a dream. There’s a lot of touching of Stiles’ biceps area. It’s when Stiles takes Lydia’s hand in his own that he finally notices Lydia in his bed. The door only opens when he realises it’s not real and Stiles has the need to close the door – even in his subconscious he knows what he has to do. Lydia begs him to leave it – whatever is on the other side gives Lydia the heeby-jeebies so it must be pretty fucking scary; or maybe it’s not Lydia and they want to keep Stiles from waking up – like the longer he spends in the dream the better. Stiles finds himself in a grove (as Stiles called it) where the nemeton is waiting for him. The flood lights turn on and it looks like there’s a storm coming. Stiles screams at himself to wake up.

Spoiler alert: he’s not actually awake.

Stiles tells Scott that about his sleep paralysis and how he’s in a constant state of mind-fuckery and doesn’t know if he’s awake or asleep – and BAM – he wakes up screaming and Stilinski rushes in and holds Stiles to calm him down. [The adverts start and I’m seriously considering institutionalising myself because of the psychological trauma.]

If Stiles was to get hurt in his dream, would he be hurt in real life, and what lengths would he go to make sure he’s actually awake…

Also, will Stiles one day wake up to find he’s wet the bed?

Meanwhile, Scott puts on a jacket to hide his bulging arm muscles. His mind is playing tricks on him as he sees shadows claws. Scott thinks he’s seeing things because he didn’t get much sleep the night before – and as if hearing Scott’s thoughts, Isaac is there when he opens the door, hoping for a quickie before school. Isaac wants it rough.

Stiles gets ready for school for reals this time and realises that HE CANT READ THE WORDS on a history textbook. It’s only when the Sheriff talks to Stiles that he sees actual words. Stiles notices that the Sheriff has brought work home with him and is looking into old case files.

In a future episode there’s a scene where there’s an explosion in the Sheriff’s Office . I’m wondering if the arsonist was trying to destroy the case files not knowing the Sheriff took some as homework.

Allison is running late to school when she goes down the elevator. She feels a chill in the air (Supernatural has taught me it could be a ghost) and finds herself in a messed up hospital. As she walks through the corridor there’s a flash of an evil Allison clone holding daggers which she doesn’t see. The door to the morgue mysteriously opens and Allison goes in to find a drawer marked Kate Argent.

Kate starts screaming, fucking scuttling her way towards Allison like the girl from the Ring. Allison turns and runs out the door and is suddenly at school. All aboard the Nemeton Express.

Scott freaks out when he sees red eyes staring back at him on the reflection of his helmet, in reality, his eyes are fine. Then Scott tries to outrun his shadow not realising it’s futile, and his shadow fucking grows into a monster. Stiles, Scott and Allison find out that the mind fuckery is happening to all of them and they all decide to watch out for each other.

I want to know why it took three weeks for the effects to show…

It looks like the Sheriff knows about murders that will happen in the future. Interesting direction the show’s going in. IT’S 2011 DAMMIT. The Sheriff is looking back at old cases, marking full moons on a calendar and connecting things to other things with red and white string. There’s a lot of possible supernatural victims but Stilinski focuses on a little girl called Malia Tate; I swear I read Malia Hale when I first watched and I wasn’t the only one. Maybe we all need to go Specsavers. Or maybe it was the adrenaline…

History class is where it’s at this season and the teacher doesn’t seem like an ass, unlike Harris. They’re studying WW2 which will be important this season; it might even be linked to the nemeton (or the Yukimuras)?

I have it in my head that past Stilinskis have a military history :)

Yukimura introduces his daughter in the worst possible way and Kira tries to kill herself by repeatedly hitting her head on the desk — well she imagined it — until she lifts her head up and sets eyes on the prettiest boy in the class – one Scott McCall. What is it with him and new girls? [p.s. I like Kira’s leggings].

We see a return of Scott’s monster shadow who makes an appearance just as Yukimura gets into American History. All the shadow wants to do is learn!

Allison’s hands are shaking making it very difficult to paint. Isaac watches from across the room as he draws her like one of his French girls.

After class, Stiles’ sees random symbols instead of numbers on his locker combination. As Stiles stares at the symbols, Scott overhears Kira telling Yakimura how she’d rather set herself on fire than have her dad try to make her friends. What if Kira is a secret dragon?!

Scott’s eyes turn red and he can’t control it and Stiles manoeuvres Scott into an empty classroom. It kind of reminds me of the time Scott nearly lost control on the lacrosse field – except this time Scott doesn’t try and kill Stiles and Derek isn’t creepily watching on the sidelines. Scott uses pain to bring himself back – SCOTT USED ADVICE DEREK GAVE HIM AND IT WORKED. Scott should write a thank you card to Derek. Or give Derek a hug because hugs are drugs.

Stiles realises that it’s not just in their heads, it’s real. Stiles has to scream himself awake and even then, he doesn’t know if he’s actually awake. In dreams, words don’t stay the same and Stiles can’t read even when he’s awake. It looks like he can still understand symbols though; there are dashes and speech marks which are still in place.

Lydia and Allison are on a date in the woods. I like the similarities to 1×10 Co-Captain – except this time, Allison can’t hit her mark. She’s not even close. Lydia tells Allison to close her eyes and image her naked. When that doesn’t work, she tells Allison to imagine hitting the target; Allison opens her eyes to see someone running in the woods and leaves Lydia alone telling her she’ll be right back. We all know what happens to people who say that in horror movies. Nothing good.

It’s suddenly dark and Kate is whispering in the woods before rushing towards her. Allison shoots her arrow thinking it’s Zombie!Kate but she nearly just shot Lydia. If Isaac hadn’t been in the neighbourhood then Lydia would be a goner. Being a creeper saves lives!

Stiles brings in a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his mother’s grave and mentions how the last time he brought his mum flowers they were stolen the same day. Stilinski tells him that it’s the gesture that counts. Stiles notices the investigation wall and Sheriff says it’s all because of his illuminated perspective. Stiles READS part of a case file. It looks like Stiles has only seen words when his dad is nearby. It makes me wonder if their anchors are actually their parents.

There was a case 8 years ago when Stilinski was elected Sheriff of a 9 year old who was apparently dragged away by coyotes; it happened on a full moon which makes him suspect the supernatural. The missing girl was 9 years old making her 17 now.

Malia could be a new addition to the pack, especially since she may be supernatural. Scott needs more betas and I don’t see him giving anyone the bite. Also, she could be the person we see Stiles kissing from the promos…?

It took the police 3 days to find the bodies. Stiles notices how all the cases are to be sent to Agent McCall.

The next day Stiles nearly has a panic attack when the whole class and Finstock start frantically signing. Just the image of Finstock not saying anything would freak someone out. Stiles snaps out of his hallucination when there’s a high pitched sound and Finstock blows his whistle. Scott tells Stiles he wasn’t sleeping and realises that he’s scribbled WAKE UP all over a piece of paper.

At lunch they all discuss how truly fucked they are and Isaac suggests they all be locked up. Kira has decided the best way to make friends is to listen in on conversations and insert herself into them. She mentions how what they’re experiencing after their near-death-experience relates to the Tibetan philosophy of bardo which involves visits from deities. The last stage is death. Kira is very excited over this. [p.s. I like her leather jacket.]

Stiles’ subconscious is trying to communicate with him even though he doesn’t know sign language. Deaton knows ASL and translates what Stiles saw as “When is a door not a door?” Scott knows the answer to the riddle – “When it’s ajar.” Deaton tells them how when they went from subconscious to a super-consciousness which opened a door in the minds. They each need to close the door.

Sheriff recruits Scott and Stiles in his investigation. They go to the father of the missing girl and while the Sheriff talks to the father, Scott and Stiles sneak in so Scott can get a scent, but all Scott smells in dog. Apollo, the dog, appears and Scott is afraid to use his powers in case he loses control. Tate shouts at the dog and it runs off. It knows who their alpha is.

Stiles now has a HTC phone – how many fucking phone has he had in the space of a year. He also steals a toy pony.

Tate would rather leave it as a tragic accident than an unsolved murder and Sheriff feels bad that he opened up an old wound for him. Scott finds out why Sheriff is working so hard trying to solve unsolved cases and flips his shit at Agent McCall.

“I’m not doing anything to your friend,” says Agent McCall.

I’m not saying anything. SWF,EIU.

Melissa returns just in time to stop Scott from losing control. I wonder if McCall saw anything before Melissa took Scott to another room. Melissa tells him to be his own anchor – and when Scott calms down, she tells him that he will find love again. It was one of the best moments of the episode.

Later that night, when Stiles is going to have an early night for school tomorrow, Scott bursts in and tells Stiles that they’re going to find a body. A dead body.

Isaac and Allison fool around and she asks Isaac if Scott’s cool with them hooking up, Isaac assures her that Scott is all for it. He pulls off his shirt when suddenly he’s being strangled and Kate’s there suggesting a threesome and Allison suddenly has a dagger in her hand and it’s all so creepy. Allison wakes up from her nightmare. Lydia is asleep beside her and she finds an actual dagger under her pillow.

Out in the woods, Stiles wonders who the alpha that turned Malia is – I have no idea who it could be but I look forward to Stiles’ suspect list. Stiles just hopes it’s not triplets who combine into one giant hound of hell.

They find the car along with claw marks on the side along with a creepy doll that talks. The doll is hungry – just like the coyote growling in the distance. Scott leaves Stiles in favour of playing chase. He thinks it’s Malia, says her name and her eyes flash blue eyes before she runs away. If it is Malia then she might feel guilty for the accident for some reason.

Scott leaves Derek a bunch of messages but he’s being ignored. Derek has better things to do. Like hanging with his Uncle Peter. Literally. They’re underground being tortured and it’s all Peter’s fault.

Also, Peter is shirtless.

Ian Bohen claims Derek ate it.