L’appel du Vide – Call of the Void

“There is a dark spirit. They call it void, it draws its power from pain and tragedy, strive and chaos…”

L’appel du Vide translates to “Call of the Void” and is an expression used to describe the urge one feels to leap from the edge. It’s not just leaping from a high place, this also applies to thinking of doing something you know is awful or stupid or results in death but you still give it a thought – it’s the fact that you could – but you won’t. I think this French saying could be directly quoted (by Allison or Chris). It could be a reason the demon is named Void (as well as its link to the kitsune).

Instead of being an expression, the Void in the Teen Wolf world is an actual entity, and could be what pushes Scott, Stiles and Allison into going through with these thoughts. The psychological torment they go through this season could be leading to the moment when they’re on the ledge and ready to jump – and when they do that, when they stop fighting – that’s when the entity can go through the door and into the world.

The demon is still a spirit and right now, only exists in their minds – it might even need possession to stay in the human realm indefinitely. The one time we see a shadowy glimpse of the Void is in Stiles’ dream – we see him wearing pyjama bottoms before he’s being dragged through a corridor. Stiles could be the first one to break. He’s only human. 

Each method of torment for Scott, Stiles and Allison is individual them – it’s the best way to break them and the spirit knows this – Scott would lose his mind if ever he thought he could hurt an innocent, Allison is haunted by a reminder of the evil in her family – what she could have become, and Stiles is driven to insanity – Stiles’ situation could even have links to how his mother died, which could explain the need for an MRI scan.

The Void needs to break all three of them to be let free – this could either be physically or by way of possessing their bodies and gaining full control. “We’re going to destroy all of them. One by one.”

The masked ninja warriors could be there to stop any interference from their Master breaking Scott, Stiles and Allison – and when the Void does, there’ll be no chance. “They’re demons and they are unstoppable.”

The Void is growing stronger as it hurts the trio, but once it’s unleashed, it means bad, bad things for Beacon Hills and the rest of the world. “Destroy it, even if it is your own daughter.” Could Chris break the code even if it means saving more people. Do the lives of many outweigh the lives of three?