The dark spirit called Void is the Nogitsune.

In the Season 3b trailer there is talk of a a dark spirit called Void.

“There is a dark spirit they call it Void. It draws it’s power from pain and tragedy; strife and chaos.”

This has caused much confusion (well to some people)  because Void in Japanese mythology tends to a) not be a spirit and b) not be a bad thing. Instead it’s either Buddhist philosophy for the warrior samurai or another name for the fifth element i.e. like aether or spirit.

Obviously the Teen Wolf peeps are allowed some creative licensing (the Kanima being a lizard instead of a panther anyone?). But yeah it really doesn’t fit.

However in my research I stumbled across something interesting. I found that another name for the Nogitsune is the Void Kitsune or Dark Kitsune. This is the ‘bad’ Kitsune and the opposite of the ‘good’ Kitsune that is also sometimes known as the Celestial Kitsune.

The source of this is from one book called Kitsune: Japan’s Fox of Mystery, Romance and Humour . Which documents various traditions and fables about the Kitsune in Japanese folklore but please consider this mention of the Void Kitsune was only one persons account. It just became popularised by the online RPG communities in the 90’s (yay trivia).

The modern idea of a Kitsune has very little resemblance in some cases to the original source material if you approach it from a scholarly perspective. There are 1,500 years of Kitsune stories so they are diverse and not always consistent. Certain things were adopted into the modern Kitsune lore but don’t necessarily have a strong basis.

For example the idea that there are 13 different types/clans of Kitsune and that they are connected to the 13 elements is very common belief. So common in fact that it is on the wikipedia page but if you try and research the origin of this belief yeah only one obscure reference from the book Kitsune.

Specific Kitsune mythology/lore is a much more modern occurrence but that doesn’t mean that Teen Wolf hasn’t used it. In fact they don’t really have a choice because kami worship is/was a very personal thing and that is why there is such variation in traditions.

The show either has to adopt from what has become more mainstream or completely fashion their own version of Kitsune mythology. If this season we are actually going to get an after show that explores and discusses mythology it seems unlikely that they wouldn’t borrow from some already pre-existing ideas. Otherwise what is the point, right?

Baring all of this in mind one of the common beliefs involving the Kitsune is that it feeds off of a person’s chi which is like their energy/life force. It is said in the trailer that the Kitsune is a “trickster spirit” so it makes sense that the Nogitsune would also be a spirit.

In Japanese mythology an aspect of spirits is that to be able to manifest and survive on a physical level, they require sustenance. . Some feed off of scents, some off of blood, some from pain, others from tears, and the more dangerous type feed from souls. The Kitsune, on the other hand, feed from the essence of the land, it’s elements, and it’s people. They are a bit like vampires, in a sense, and require essence to sustain themselves.

In the trailer it was said that this dark spirit called Void gets is power from pain and strife etc. So the dark spirit called Void is possibly actually a Nogitsune that feeds off of the essence of all the bad shit people feel and suffer.

It kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

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