Dangers of finding out about hunting too soon

In 1×11 “Formality” after Kate lets Allison in on the family secret, she tells Allison that there’s a danger to finding out about the hunting business too soon. “Let’s just say you react badly when you find out… not good.”

This is repeated again in 1×12 “Code-Breaker” where Victoria tells Allison that she’s “catching a glimpse of something you’re not quite ready to see.”

“There are other outside of this family who are ready for you to see it. Staying quiet is the best protection.” Victoria Argent, 1×12.

Chris mentions in 1×04 about knowing a “dog” who was bitten by a bat, how it went feral. Again in 1×12, he tells Stiles that he was forced to shoot his friend in the head after he was turned.

“I saw one get rabies through a bat, it was transferred through the bite. People think that a rabid dog just suddenly goes mad, it’s a lot more gradual; first stage is subtle changes in behaviour restless, morose; it’s the second stage that people know – the furious stage, that’s when they attack – and we’re talking any moving object – did you know that a caged rabid dog will break its own teeth trying to chew through the bars. It will even rear back and snap its own spine. Can you imagine the amount of force it would take to do that? It’s complete character reversal. This harmless animal turned into a  perfectly vicious killer and it all started with this one bite.” Chris Argent, 1×04.

I think that Chris reacted badly to the news of his family being in the hunting business, maybe even felt sympathy towards them. Gerard could have forcibly turned Chris’ friend (on the full moon maybe for maximum effect) and had Chris witness his friends bloodlust towards him, forcing Chris to end his friend’s life. This could be why Gerard is still alive, to shine light on Chris’ history and could also explain why Chris feels so strong about the code.

At  the end of season 1, Chris seemed reluctant yet accepting of Scott and Allison’s relationship, but literally a few days later, at the beginning of season 2, we see Chris force Allison not to see Scott any more. If Gerard found out, he may have made Allison kill Scott, just how Chris was once made to kill someone he cared about. He doesn’t want that burden on Allison.

The arrival of the new hunter – who I’m calling Takeda until he gets a name (or has he already?) – makes me wonder if we’ll find out more about the risks of finding out about the hunting world and reacting badly.