Lydia, The Nemeton, Mist and The Emissaries

This post is pretty much me trying to unify many of my theories to figure out what is going to happen.

At Comic Con Jeff Davis had this to say:

One of the most interesting facts about the most recent episode was the telluric currents. Which is the more scientific version of what is referred to as ley lines; spiritual currents that people believe run through the earth that can have a centre sometimes. The druids actually called it the axis mundi; the center of the world.


We know that the tree in the Nemeton is the axis mundi because a) sacrifices make it stronger b) all the sacrifices have occurred on the telluric currents. Lydia is probably connected to the axis mundi somehow because she keeps drawing a tree. Three times we’ve seen her draw a tree  now . In 3×04 ‘Unleashed’ , 3×07 ‘Currents’ and 3×09 ‘The Girl Who Knew To Much’.

Anyway so I don’t know if I’m the only one that noticed this? But in 3×06 ‘Motel California’ when Lydia was hearing the echo of previous suicides she first heard the couple that shot themselves through an air vent. While she was reliving the moment air actually blew through the fan, you clearly see a piece of ribbon fluttering, and when the moment is over the air flow stopped.


This at the time struck me as strange but I didn’t know what it meant. In addition to this later in the episode Lydia hears another death occurring in the trickling water of a drain and at this point I decided that the elements were involved in some way.


So obviously I searched for evidence of the other elements i.e. fire, earth and even ‘spirit’ and I wrote about this in my post on Lydia and the axis mundi . Although it is important to note that the earth and fire elements did not related to Lydia hearing any deaths.

However in 3×09 ‘The Girl Who Knew To Much’ when Tara died and there was emphasis on both the air vent again and the water from the shower.



Now having already had these elements primed in my mind from 3×06 ‘Motel California’ I was pointing at my screen all like “ooh ooh they’ve done a thing but what does it mean!!!” As far as I’m concerned there is a deliberate emphasis of the elements air and water but it puzzled me because there was an obvious distinct lack of fire and earth which made me reconsider my earlier assumption that they are also important.

Then I figured it out! Or at least I think I might have…

Jennifer noticed Lydia drawing a tree in 3×09 ‘The Girl Who Knew To Much’ and because she was The Darach wanted to kill Lydia because of this as apparently she knew to much (I think Lydia would disagree). We now know that Jennifer got her power from the tree because…um… she said so:

“For years the Nemeton’s power was virtually gone. Like the dying ember  of a burnt out fire. But a few months earlier something happened that caused that ember to glow a little brighter.  Something that gave it a spark of power again. A sacrifice of a virgin. You didn’t know what you were doing back then but killing Paige in the root cellar, sacrificing her there, gave power to the Nemeton, you gave it power again. You gave me power –  just enough to hold onto life a little longer – long enough to be found!”

Do you think if Jennifer completes her five groups of sacrifices that the tree will magically reappear (as it is a stump at the moment)? I have this vision in my head of thunder and lightening and between flashes we see where there is only a stump the tree full and grown and it flickers like that until there is a mighty crack and then boom the tree is back and at full power!

Or perhaps as Lydia has been drawing a tree not a stump she will play a part in bringing it back – that could be one of her “hidden talents” that Jennifer mentioned.

I digress.

Okay so if you think about a tree its branches are in the air and it’s roots grow deep in the earth towards water! Oooooh :)


In Celtic mythology the World Tree, which spans between worlds vertically from the waters of Annwn ( the underworld ), Abred ( this world ), Gwynvid ( upperworld ). It symbolizes the centre of the world i.e. the Axis Mundi, a central column or conduit spanning through the many levels of reality. The World Tree, in Norse Mythology, is also said to have three roots: an air root, a water root and a root in Hel (i.e. the Otherworld ). [1]

So what is the significance of connecting water and air to the World Tree and Lydia??

(The follow is an extract of this post)

Well there is the fact that water and air combine to create mist and we’ve had this in the title credits all flipping season. Scott rising in some mist with a backdrop of trees!!

scott mist 2

A mist is often a precursor to an entry into The Otherworld in ancient Irish stories. The Celts believed that at certain times of the year, and in certain specific places, the veils or mists that conceal one world from the next could be broached, and both people and spirits could travel between them.

Now here is where it get’s really interesting we have seen possible magical mist like this before! Strain your brain back to 2×07 ‘Restraint’.

Lydia sees something through her gate and goes to investigate.

lydia mist 1

Her gate leads directly into some misty woods. She is momentarily confused because maybe normally her gate leads somewhere completely different and when she looks back her house seems to be gone but she continues on anyway because that’s Lydia for you!

lydia mist 2

In the mist she sees another house and goes to investigate because hey she’s lost in the mist and now there is a house she’s never seen before. Of course going inside it is the best thing to do.

lydia mist 3

One things leads to another thing and the end result is that Lydia is left alone sobbing in the burnt shell of the old Hale house. She is really there as well.

lydia mist 4

Whhhaaaattt? I am fairly certain she didn’t walk from her house to the Hale house in the middle of the preserve (which we know is not near any other houses) barefooted (plus her feet are clean) so the mist transported her right right???!!!!

This also actually explains how she managed to drag Derek’s body single handedly from the abandoned railway station all the way to the Hale house without anyone seeing them in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed’. It wouldn’t have been an easy feat it really wouldn’t have so she took a misty short-cut.

It also makes much more sense now that we know for a fact that Lydia is a Banshee. A Banshee is often seen as an omen of death and a messenger from The Otherworld. In Welsh folklore there is a similar creature known as the “Hag of the mist”. Often invisible, they can sometimes be seen at a crossroads or stream when the mist rises. Her shriek warns of coming misfortune or even death. If it is death that is coming, the name of the one doomed to die will be heard in her “shrill tenor”. [2]

Also here is a bonus significant, but perhaps subliminal, use of mist this season:

In 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ Isaac said “something is coming” and he turns back and a freaky mist has appeared out of nowhere and then one of the Alpha twins comes running out of it. Now it is debatable whether the Alpha’s were the something that was coming or not.

I personally think not because this theme of ‘something is coming’ continues with Stiles later in 3×01 and as we were told by Peter at the end of Season 2 the Alpha Pack were “already here”.

Also lets not forget that in 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ when they were trying to recover Isaac’s memories he began to shout “they’re here” and at the time he was close to death. [If you want to read more about this read this post].

mist 1

When mysterious girl-with-no-name electrifies the combined Alpha Twins form with her modified weapon they come apart and disappear suddenly and mysteriously into a mist.

mist 2

Now Holland Roden has mentioned that Jeff Davis has told her that Lydia is connected to Death what if the the something that is ‘coming’ is in fact Death? Like Spirits? Perhaps all those creepy faces that people have been spotting all season??

face in wood

So if I am to guess my theory is that when the tree in the Nemeton is back to full power it will once again be able to be used to connect to The Otherworld or whatever they end up calling it and that mist is somehow involved in ‘travelling’ there or directly connected to death.

We know that Lydia has a connection to the tree (and probably also the telluric currents) and as I’ve already explained the tree is possibly connected to ‘other realities’. The mist is a way of accessing them. If your still not 100% sold on this Otherworld theory remember the fireflies that glowed which isn’t native to California? Guess where they came from??

There is also a Lydia/Peter scene coming up soon and I have a feeling he might explained to her what she is and how her ‘powers’ work. Perhaps even how to use the mist to help Scott??? Technically a Banshee acts as a psychopomp and guides/transports the souls so perhaps she learns how to do this conciously?

There have been hints this season a number of times of things that our outside of time. Especially in 3×06 ‘Motel California’ when Lydia was reading a book on the Asymmetry of Time and one of Stiles’ SAT words was anachronism. So it is my belief that time moves differently in the mist/other worlds/between worlds.

Also recently in TV Guide the following was written:

“The teens open a kind of Pandora’s box that will set them as the protectors of Beacon Hills. They may have changed things for the worse.”

Pandora’s box? Things are going to get worse?? To me this really feels like they let something out as the story of Pandora’s box is that she unleashed all the evils unto the world and the only thing left in the box was hope. Some how they access the underworld through the Nemeton and let death out hehehe.

In addition to all of the above I am now at least 97% sure the mysterious girl from 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ was an emissary or Druid regardless of whether she had a pack. If she was also Boyd’s sister it leaves interesting questions about who or what kidnapped her but that is another discussion.

Since we know from the Sheriff in 3×07 ‘Currents’ the bank symbol is on one of Deaton’s vials (therefore important to the Druids) and I think if I remember correctly Jeff has said it has more significance than just a bank icon. I believe it could be a sigil representing the axis mundi/world tree.

modified cross

When I wrote a post trying to interpret it’s meaning before I figured that it was essential an open Celtic ‘Cross of the Elements’. Which represents fire, air, earth and water.

alpha symbol #2celtic cross

It was the black triangles in the symbol that were throwing me off because I couldn’t figure out what they meant but now I think they are simply pointing towards the centre of the cross.

There exists a fifth element which is represented by the point where the four arms of the cross intersect. It is called ether (or aether in Latin) and is in simple terms equates to Spirit. Plus the arrows are symbolically in the underworld and the upperworld pointing towards our world where things converge.

Five is also an important number to Indo-European traditions; as the center of four things was considered the focal point of sacred energy. It is really not all that dissimilar to the five-fold knot drawn on the Nemeton which could easily refer to the same thing.

If the girl is in fact an emissary it actually makes sense that she’d leave the mark on Lydia and Allison. She was probably trying to warn them because the tree is connected to almost all major storylines this season. We have Lydia and the fact she’s been drawing the tree. The Darach and the fact she got her power from the tree. Derek and the fact that he killed Paige at the roots of the tree and started all of this. The tree is very important.

If you didn’t already know :)