The Overlooked and the Evil Eye [&Scott’s Tattoo]

The “Overlooked” are people who have been gazed upon by the evil eye and is also known as the “Eye of Balor” who has similarities to Deucalion, both in them receiving a druid prophecy about a possible threat (which you can read more in this post).

Deucalion is not blind all the time, but prolonged use of his eye can create deadly rays. We’ve seen Deucalion damage his sunglasses during his Demon Wolf speech, his evil eye could be triggered when he gets emotional or dramatic.

Reactions to being Overlooked are similar to the symptoms of dehydration, becoming withered being one of them.

“I’m just supposed to sit there and watch them die. Just wait for them to wither up and die right in front of me.” (Stiles, 3×04 ‘Unleashed.’

“Wither?” Lydia repeated the word, drawing attention to it when anyone else would have dismissed its use.

Stiles also mentions babies being sacrificed in a temple in Calcutta. He was talking about the Kalighat Kali Temple where they sacrificed babies in the name of Kali during the 19th century. Babies and young children were especially susceptible to the evil eye and so a pendant protecting the child from the evil eye is hung above their crib.


scott tattoo trace

It looks a lot like the symbol Scott drew in the dust.

Scott could now be protected from Deucalion’s evil eye and Deucalion is unaware of this. It makes what Allison said about using the fact that Deucalion isn’t always blind against him.

What if the dormant true alpha potential within Scott knew of Decualion’s threat just as Deucalion knew of Scott as a threat and suggested the tattoo as a way to shield him from Deucalion’s abilities.

So if the Overlooked is a term for someone who has been given the evil eye, who is it – could it be Melissa since she’s in Deucalion’s presence?

Will Scott have to watch his mum wither away just as Stiles did? Deucalion could possibly be the only one to remove the effects and in return, Scott might have to tap into his alpha potential and join Deucalion’s pack. Only then, after Melissa is cured would Deucalion find out that Scott can’t be swayed by Deucalion’s alpha status.

Sounds plausible?