Recap: 3×09 – The Girl Who Knew Too Much

“If you go into the school at night, you’re sure to get dead and die” is a song everyone in Beacon Hills should sing to remind them that nothing good comes from late night school calls. Just ask Deputy Graham who had the unfortunate luck of responding to a 911 call made at the school.

Deputy Graham tries to contact dispatch but all she hears is chanting over the radio. The Darach is coming for her. It gets a little weird here – she sees herself being dragged into a room and then sees her own dead body sitting beneath a shower. It’s like the Darach was fucking with her mind before going in for the kill. Gotta love the sense of humour.

It’s sad, really – Deputy Graham survived the massacre in Fury only to die an equally horrible death. I’m sure people will begin to think that working at the Sheriff’s Department is cursed.

Scott and Stiles meet Allison and Lydia at the school, Lydia having called them after driving under the whatever-the-fuck influence which led her there. There’s a dead body hiding nearby, and Stiles argues with Lydia on who the seeker will be. Scott beats them to it and finds Deputy Graham hugging the sign for Beacon Hills High School.

What I want to know is what difference moving her from the locker room to the front of the school actually made. Are the locations of the telluric currents really that specific, did the Darach just want to make a scene, or was it simply so Scott could easily find the body?

In the morning, Stiles spies on his dad and then tries to hide behind his rucksack when he’s noticed. Who needs an invisibility cloak when you’ve got a rucksack! I’m sure if Stiles believed hard enough it would have worked! Stiles goes and punches us in the face when he mentions that Deputy Graham – Tara – used to help Stiles with his maths homework while he waited for his dad to get off work.

Meanwhile, Allison isn’t feeling well *cough cough* and Chris is more than happy for her to skip a day. Pffft, school, as long as you can shoot an arrow and do cartwheels and stuff, you’re golden! Chris leaves and Allison miraculously recovers and jumps out of bed to caress her dagger collection. As you do.

I will take this moment to note that Allison’s hair is glorious in the sunlight.

Isaac is practising the art of creep and sneakily waits by Allison’s window to catch her getting undressed – too bad for him since Allison is changed already and she totally heard him thudding around on the balcony. Allison has him pinned to the ground with a dagger against his throat in 0.05 seconds and Isaac tells her he was worried since she wasn’t in school and to tell her that the whole ‘don’t go to school or you will most likely die’ rule only applies after hours. Allison asks Isaac (who she’s still sitting on top of, he must be comfy) if Scott sent him and goes on to tell Isaac she can take care of herself; if there a Teen Wolf drinking game, every time Allison says this, we should down a shot (p.s. drink responsibly, blah blah.)

In English class, Jennifer Blake owns a really cute pair of heels – seriously they’re a taupe suede shoes and they’re so pretty! Blake mentions idioms, analogies, metaphors and similes being used by writers to tell a story – I see what you’re doing here, Jeff! She sees Lydia’s tracing over a drawing of a tree Jeff drew earlier and mentions that she didn’t know she had a hidden talent. Lydia quips that she and every person she’s ever dated would say that. Miss Blake fumbles with her words and adds that what Lydia just said is an idiom – something that will only be understood with prior knowledge of the subject.

Miss Blake tells the class – while looking from Stiles to Scott – that idioms are somewhat of a “secret to the people who know the language or the culture.” It feels as though she was trying to give a clue to them and she almost sounded nervous, her speech pattern was very stilted from the moment she spoke to Lydia until after she walked away from Scott and Stiles.

The secret Miss Blake was talking about (which I don’t fully understand why she would give clues) might have something to do with the Celtic Ogham alphabet since many druids used it to communicate secret messages and sign language where only people who were initiated could decipher the code. This was because the context, meaning, and relation of the letters to each other all added to the overall message.

So, Jennifer turns her attention back to class and Scott figures that the Darach might have been an emissary to one of the packs that was killed and thinks he can get through to Ethan and get him to talk.

By the lockers, Aiden is jealous that Danny is taking up his quality time with his bro and tells Ethan to stop seeing Danny. The thing is, Ethan kinda, sorta likes Danny now and spends his days writing Mr. Ethan Mahealani on his notebooks. Aiden doesn’t back down and asks him what he’d do if Deucalion orders him to kill his future husband, but Ethan just asks him what he’d do if Deucalion asked Aiden to kill his own brother? He wouldn’t, he’d miss the feeling of being inside him – or is it the other way around? Or do they alternate?

Aiden threatens to rip the flesh off Danny’s face and eat it if Ethan doesn’t stop seeing him; someone needs to get Aiden some actual food if he’s thinking about cannibalism. I like the conflict between the twins, it makes them more interesting. If one of the twins dies, I’m banking on Aiden being the one to kick the bucket (Idiom! Hehe).

As you see, Ethan is almost always with Aiden, so Scott and Stiles persuade Lydia to distract Aiden for a little while. With her body. I actually dislike how they expected Lydia to go along with this plan, she was obviously uncomfortable and hesitant in having to approach Aiden having ignored him since he killed Boyd. They end up having a bit of a chat and Aiden reveals that they know all about the time Derek and his betas tried to kill Lydia. I think the alphas either got this information from mind tapping either Isaac, Erica or Boyd – either that or they’ve been watching…always watching.

Lydia asks Aiden how he knows about that one time in Venomous, but Cora interrupts by scratching a badly drawn spiral on the door. Cora should attend art class or better yet, have Lydia teach her. Cora and Aiden have a little tussle in the locker room.

Elsewhere, Ethan tells Scott and Stiles that he and Aiden used to be omegas in a mean pack with a mean alpha, and Deucalion helped them control their giant werewolf transformation in order to kill their alpha. They feel like they owe a lot to him.

For a while I was wondering how both of them got the alpha status, but then realised it was because they were in their combined form when they took the mean alpha down.

Ethan feels Aiden’s pain and along with Scott, they stop Aiden from attacking Cora, but not before he smacks her over the dead with a weight. Lydia runs to Cora’s side. Ethan reminds Aiden that Kali gave Derek until the full moon to join their pack so can’t hurt any of them in the meantime. Stiles offers to take Cora home because it’ll give him an excuse to see how Derek’s doing.
Chris really likes horses, his whole office is full of them. Allison and Isaac hope Chris isn’t the Dark Druid and look over the map to find there are five more bodies to be found. Isaac steps back to see the larger picture, it’s something he learnt from his father – when would his dad even need to do that – he was a swim coach!

They find a five-fold knot engraved on the table with the five groups of sacrifices written in ultraviolet pen: virgins, healers, warriors, philosophers, and guardians. It looks like there’s a secret compartment on the desk – it has a join right in the middle which seems odd.

In the locker room, Cora has a go at Scott, Lydia and Stiles for only being able to find dead bodies and calls them stupid teenagers. Cora keeps attacking them because of their age when she’s technically the same age. I’m sure there’s more to this. Stiles questions her suicidal actions in going after an alpha on her own, and Cora tells them she did it for Boyd. Almost getting herself killed to honour Boyd sounds like an excellent plan.

Derek and Jennifer catch up under the bridge and have a tender moment. Derek needed some time alone after Boyd was murdered and Jennifer understands, she’s just glad he’s back. Derek is happy and so are the leaves.

Scott is in need of guidance and it just so happens Morrell is in her office and ready to guide. Scott straight up asks Morrell if she’s involved in the murders and she tells him to leave the interrogations to Stilinski – she rolls her eyes as she says this.

Does Morrell have selective memory and not remember that Stilinski saved her brother’s life or was she not told? Morrell seems to underestimate the Sheriff and if Morrell does have ulterior motives, I think that underestimation will be her undoing.

Things get intense between them and hands are slammed on the desk to show they mean business. Morrell warns Scott that Deucalion is an obsessive and it he can’t have him, no one can (sound familiar); Deucalion will either have Scott in his pack or force him to kill, which would destroy his true alpha potential.

The mention of this makes me wonder whether Derek had the same potential, but Peter (and maybe even Talia) worked to rid Derek of ever becoming a True Alpha. (That is, if that aspect of the flashback is true. It’s hard to tell.)

How does the choosing of a True Alpha come about and why is it such a rare occurrence? The morality in losing the potential if they kill – whether it’s an accident or the intention behind it is very black and white.

As Stiles drives Cora to the loft, Allison calls and warns Stiles that guardians are a target and urges Stiles to tell his dad. The moment we’ve all been waiting for is upon us!

Meanwhile, the history teacher is merrily writing up facts on the cause of WWI when all his hard work is erased by the pesky Darach – a five-fold knot now in its place. He drops the chalk which goes rolling and Lydia (who is wearing cute shoes) picks up the chalk, goes to the board and draws a two on the right side of the knot (hehe) and screams. I don’t know what happens next, but Lydia somehow passes through the desk and floats to the end of the room.

No one believes the history teacher was taken and Lydia mirrors what Stiles said in Currents after the term psychic was used. “I’m something!”

Ready to tell his dad everything, Stiles paces in his room – there’s a wall dedicated to the case and another wall dedicated to his posters. He tries to explain about hunters, werewolves and kanimas using a chess board but Stilinski doesn’t believe Stiles, and when Cora gets up to prove it, she collapses.

Allison is told about the history teacher going missing and is convinced that her dad is the Darach and is determined to stop him.

Allison has been manipulated and believed false truths from her family on so many occasions, she’s been forced to become cynical towards the only family she has left and didn’t even question Chris’ assumed guilt.

Isaac and Allison go to a warehouse to stop Chris and smoke pot. Seriously, I heard Isaac say he smelt pot instead of blood and was confused for ages until I rewatched. The Darach is a druggie and sacrifices humans to get magical money to pay for their addiction!

Allison and Isaac find the history teacher moments away from sacrifice. Chris, armed with two guns, stylishly enters the scene and uses the Darach as target practice, somehow managing to avoid shooting the teacher.

The Darach is after philosophers and will choose their victim at the memorial concert at the school. Will they ever learn that night + school = very bad.

At the hospital, the Sheriff moves to leave to the crime scene where the history teacher is dead and waiting and ignores Stiles warning him that there’ll be another death at the school. Stilinski is hearing none of it and shouts at Stiles that he’s been listening – he just doesn’t believe, Stiles realises, and it’s like a knife in the heart. ‘Mom would’ve believed me,’ he tells his dad, and the knife in our hearts is twisted while we’re crying uncontrollably and gasping for breath and Stilinski’s face just crumples and he bows his head and it hurts. It hurts like a bitch.

Ethan knots Danny–‘s tie, ruffles his hair, and gives him a breath mint because Danny’s breath is a little whiffy and Ethan doesn’t have the heart to tell him. Aiden watches with a scowl because he’s jealous of Danny and Ethan’s love. Not even smelly breath can come between them!

Lydia finds Scott at the recital; she doesn’t want to fight this gift she has and hopes that instead of always being too late, she can stop the death before it happens. Scott promises that he’ll do everything he can to stop it and they hold hands.

Meanwhile, Derek is by Cora’s bedside, his voice is so tender and soft and loving as he tells his sister that he won’t leave her – not again. He kisses her forehead.

I don’t know if Stilinski actually left the hospital or if he stayed after his words with Stiles, but he asks Melissa to see a file from over ten years ago. Melissa bends the rules for Stilinski because he’s so handsome (her words not mine – though I agree), I really hope she doesn’t get into trouble for all the rule bending.

Melissa finds the file of a Jane Doe who had slash marks on her body looking like an animal attack. What’s weirder is that during Jane Doe’s operation, hundreds of birds committed ritual suicide. The Sheriff suggests that they were sacrificing themselves – it’s like he’s starting to believe Stiles.

There’s a storm brewing as Chris, Allison, and Isaac make it to the recital just as it starts. Isaac shares a look with Scott as he enters the auditorium trying to assure Scott that Isaac still likes him more and promises to show Scott how much he loves him when they get home.

Lydia gets a text from Aiden asking her to meet him – but it’s not really him since he can’t find his phone! She gets to the classroom to meet with Aiden and hears chanting.  Jennifer appears and knows Lydia recognises it.

Did Lydia recognise the chanting because she travelled to the Otherworld in Omega or because she heard the music recorded on the music teacher’s phone?

Meanwhile, the whole band have either taken drugs and are now high or they’re possessed, chanting while maniacally playing their instruments while the conductor seems to be having a whale of a time.

Lydia wakes up tied to a chair and Jennifer gives Lydia a quick lesson in Latin not knowing Lydia got bored with classical Latin and moved onto Archaic Latin. Jennifer mentions sacrificing to a deity – she really is preparing for war against the alpha pack. Is Jennifer bringing back the murdered emissaries to get revenge? Lydia isn’t a sacrifice, she just knows too much, and before Jennifer can kill her, Lydia screams and Scott, Isaac, Aiden, Ethan, and Derek (from all the way in the hospital) react to the sound. It was awesome!

Jennifer hears Lydia’s scream and “reveals” that Lydia is a banshee. She tells Lydia that they are very alike in that they look like the innocent flower but are the serpent under it, which is a line Lady Macbeth says to Macbeth before King Duncan visits – “Look like th’ innocent flower, But be the serpent under ‘t.”

Jennifer tightens the wire around Lydia’s neck, holds a dagger to her throat and somehow causes the string of the piano to snap and slash the throat of the piano teacher. Could have been avoided if she played a keyboard instead. We find out that the piano teacher had ingested mistletoe. I wonder whether the mistletoe acted as a trigger or amplified Jennifer’s powers.

Stilinski turns up and tries to stop Jennifer but she throws the dagger and stabs him in the chest (he’s fine though, it’s just a scratch!); Scott turns up in all his werewolf glory and Stilinski watches and thinks he’s tripping. Scott rushes Jennifer but she pushes Scott across the room and he’s now spitting blood. Stiles turns up, ready to kick some arse – he’s even rolling up his sleeves – but Jennifer just blocks his way with a desk and Stiles is helpless but to watch.

Jennifer is shot in the leg by Stilinski – I swear her leg was made of wood – and she repays him by kissing him. When she pulls away, Stilinski is face to face with the Darach’s true face and is swiftly whisked away into the night.

Don’t worry, the Sheriff will be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!