The World Tree: Gateway to the Nine Worlds: Darach is raising an army!

I don’t know if this even makes sense anymore?

This post is basically about how certain realms (or homeworlds) found in Norse mythology could be where the Darach is trapped or spends most of his time, possible ways in which one could enter the other realms (we think Jeff could call this the Otherworld as they do in Celtic mythology), and ends with why the Darach would want to come to this world.

It all started when Jeff mentioned the term “Axis Mundi” while discussing telluric currents – it’s a belief in many cultures that the axis mundi is the centre of the world, a gateway to other realms and is often called the World Tree.

The World Tree is believed to connect the heavens to the world, and in its roots, the Underworld. With this in mind, the shot of the tree at the end of the title sequence could be the roots you can’t see under the soil. Jeff could have been given us clues of his intention to delve into the Otherworld/Underworld mythology from the very start of the season!

tree credits

In Celtic belief, the World Tree was an Oak (duir) which makes sense seeing as it translates to ‘door.’ Each individual Celtic tribe had their own sacred tree, and we’ve found the sacred tree and the Nemeton for Druids of Beacon Hills. Shamans were trained in travelling through the worlds, they entered what they called a sacred spiral where they are able to connect with the world tree.

The Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil, is an ash tree and means “Odin’s Horse.” Is it a coincidence that we’ve seen a fancy looking horse paperweight in Chris Argent’s office? Maybe I’m reaching. It is pretty though.


It’s believed Yggdrasil has three roots which extend to three separate water sources; one to Urðarbrunnr, a well in Asgard; another to Mímisbrunnr, a well near the Jötnar aka Frost Giants(!!!); and the last one a spring called Hvergelmir located in Niflheim.

In both Celtic and Norse mythology, water is a key theme, as it also is in the show. It could be seen as a portal between worlds – a way to reach out. We’ve seen Peter’s hand come out from the water in 2×01 ‘Omega’ – he could have been using the well in Niflheim to briefly enter our world.


Jackson suddenly emerged from the lake in the same episode when the last time we saw him was at the Hale House. Why did he feel the need to take a dip? It could all tie up. Somehow.


Moving on from water, the Yggdrasil Tree is said to be covered in white clay – this could be what Derek is covered in in the title sequence. What does this mean? Has Derek been (or will he soon be) in close proximity to the tree?


Odin hung himself upside down on the tree for nine days where the gift of runes was revealed to him. Could we see someone hung on a tree in order to gain insight on the situation, or will runes become important in the show..? Runes would be cool.

The World Tree in Norse Mythology is said to connect 9 Homeworlds:

  1. Asgard (Gods)
  2. Alfheim (Elves)
  3. Vanaheim (Vanir)
  4. Midgard (Human)
  5. Jotunheim (Giants)
  6. Svartatfaheim (Dark elves)
  7. Nidavellir (dwarves)
  8. Muspellsheim (Fire)
  9. Niflheim/Helheim (dead)

I don’t think Jeff would introduce the idea of 9 worlds, he might just use the Celtic Otherworld and incorporate the lower level Norse Homeworlds as areas within the Otherworld.

You can read all about the other worlds here but I’ll be focussing on the two primordial worlds; Muspellsheim (the fire realm) and Niflheim (the mist world/realm of the dead).


Muspellheim, also called the fire realm, could be a place the Darach has access to, as we’ve seen them through fire. Perhaps the fire from 3×06 acted as a way for the Darach to look into this world.

It could be that the Darach can only fully cross worlds when there is an element involved, or only in areas where telluric currents are strong for a short period of time.


The realm of fire could maybe link in with the Hale Fire – a Hale used the fire as a portal into the fire realm. The dark druid does look like he’s been burnt, but then what reason would they have to want to sacrifice people – they could see it as a means to an end – collateral in gaining entry back into this world…



The homeworld of the dead, also known as the Mist World or Abode of Mist where Hel, Loki’s daughter, dwells. You can read more on the Mist here – Danni has been convinced of the power of the Mist since forever – she’s a little bit psychic.

The mist realm is said to be the afterlife for those who didn’t die a heroic or notable death – so the dark druid is probably bitter that no one likes him.

Hvergelmir (Niflheim)

Peter might have temporarily been in Niflheim while he was dead. In 2×03 ‘Ice Pick’ Lydia saw Peter screaming under the ice.

peter under ice

Niflheim has many frozen rivers, and Lydia could have been seeing Peter from the other realm. The only people who have seen the Darach did so just before death; Kyle and Dr. Hilliard – all but Lydia, which suggests that Lydia is important in the Darach’s return to the world.

Urðarbrunnr (Asgard)

The well Urðarbrunnr is linked to three norns – Urðr (past), Verðandi (present), and Skuld (future) who are the goddesses of fate. The term ‘fate’ has been used before in 2×12 ‘Master Plan’ in the scene where Scott and Allison broke up:

Allison: “There’s no such thing as fate” — Scott: “There’s no such thing as werewolves”

This hints that fate and maybe even The Fates might make an appearance in the show. In Greek Mythology, the three fates measure life by a thread; one spins, one measures, and the other cuts the thread of life. In 3×05 ‘Frayed’ the term ‘threading the needle’ was used, and I think there was more to this saying than what was revealed.

Going back to Norse Mythology and the Norns, as well as representing Past, Present and Future, they’ve also been interpreted as representing Fate, Becoming and Necessity; three things which I feel relate to Scott being the True Alpha; it was fate that Scott would be bitten, he now has the knowledge that he has this potential which now drives his actions.

Scott becoming a True Alpha and the Darach could be linked – his decision could have repercussions to the world, especially being on a telluric current. I don’t even know what I’m saying but it makes sense in my head.

Mimisbrunner (Jotunheim)

Odin gave one of his eyes to drink from the well to gain wisdom and foresight.

A doorway between realms

A ritually purified space is needed to open a doorway between worlds, this could be what the sacrifices are for – to open a doorway so the Darach can fully escape the realm he’s in. He might be able to enter our realm for a short time or the hand we saw tightening the garrotte around Harris’ neck might have been an evil ally or possessed or something. We’ve only ever definitely seen the Darach through fire and a mirror (I’m not counting the weird shadow).

There are two main ways of accessing the World Tree to get to another realm; external and internal:

External involves using the four directions (North, East, South, West) and the axis mundi which is usually represented as a vertical line – we’ve since been introduced to the axis mundi in Teen Wolf (3×08 ‘Visionary’). This line combined with the four directions connect to make six directions.

In Celtic ritual,  fire, water, and the tree are seen as the three hallows needed to open the gateway to the other worlds. I really do want the Hale House to be at the centre of this – or they could burn down the Nemeton – but then Chris did warn that bad things would happen if the tree is harmed!

Music is important in reaching the Otherworld and could also unwillingly summon humans to it [Music & the Celtic Otherworld]. As well as this, chanting and drums (bodhran) are used to travel between worlds, which suggests that the Darach can enter our world already – ancient Druids were said have the skill to go to the Otherworld, unless the druid turned dark because the Elders didn’t let him in on the secret and then banished the druid to the Otherworld…

If Darach does know how to use the Gateway why is he trying to open a doorway – unless he wants to bring an army through. Lydia did say that in some ancient religions, sacrifices were for preparing for war…

Accessing the World Tree internally involves centering ourselves in space and time to enter a trance-like state and cross worlds. In this case, the axis mundi is the individual’s spine. Lydia might be subconsciously travelling to the Otherworld, she could unknowingly be a shaman in training, ‘the calling’ drawing Lydia to her new role’ or it could even be Scott – maybe both, since there are spoilers suggesting that an event in 3×09 ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’ cements their bond. Could Lydia be in-training to become the emissary of Scott’s pack?!

What does this mean for Beacon Hills?

Now that we know where the sacred tree in Beacon Hills is, it’s safe to assume that the Darach will enter from this point and/or that this is where a ritual will take place, who this ritual will be cast by – whether it’s to block to doorway or open it – is unknown.

chris and gerard tree

Opening the doorway to the Otherworld may be like opening the Gates of Hell – only bad things can happen.

So basically:

The Darach is angry and bitter that the Elder Druids didn’t like him and treated him like shit – they didn’t teach him the secret ways of the druid, and never let him play with them in the Nemeton.  The Elder Druids banished Darach to the Otherworld knowing he never learnt the secret knock to escape back to this world.

While in the Otherworld, the Darach made friends (he never had friends before, so good for him), figured out the secret knock to get back to this world, and now intends to break his mates out of the Otherworld and unleash his army on Beacon hills! Nooooo!