The Celtic Five-fold Knot

five fold knot

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The Celtic five-fold knot is about the integration of the four elements of water, air, earth and fire into the fifth element sometimes known as aether and the centre of the universe. What is interesting is that this five-fold balance is often thought of as leading to some kind of esoteric knowledge that can be tapped by the human mind like the akashic records. This is certainly fitting for an episode named ‘The Girl Who Knew To Much’.

As I talked about in my previous meta on Lydia I believe she is tied to the elements and specifically the axis mundi also known as the world tree or the centre of the world in mythology. Now in the last episode 3×08 ‘Visionary’ in the flashback Christ and Gerard Argent find a five-fold knot painted on a tree in a sacred Celtic Nemeton. This is no co-coincidental occurrence. But whoever painted it there and made sacrifices to what end? To gain knowledge? On a number of occasions it has seemed like some character have some kind of foresight especially with Deucalion.

Lydia has been drawing trees for a while now she is obviously connected in some way…maybe she is even the fifth element? At the very least I still believe she can use the telluric currents to unlock the doorway to the Otherworlds. If you look at Danny’s map of the currents under Beacon Hills he has drawn them in four colours: red; orange; green; blue.


Does this mean anything?

Lydia is already very smart with an IQ of 170 + but I am wondering if this is because she has been tapping the power of the axis mundi for years but only a little bit and now the metaphorical floodgates are going to open and she will know to much – enough to hurt her?