Spiral: Werewolf Unbreakable Vow

In 3×08 ‘Visionary’, the way Deucalion tried to talk Ennis out of clawing the spiral on the steel wall of the distillery made me wonder if the intend behind drawing a spiral for revenge acts as a binding where you have to see the revenge through.

I mean, maybe Deucalion made that face because he was disappointed in Ennis’ bullheadedness in seeking revenge for his fallen pack member – but I like the idea of the spiral being more than just a symbol of a vendetta, but something that shouldn’t be entered into with the intention of backing out. Kind of like an Unbreakable Vow in Harry Potter; if you break it, you forfeit your life.

The two times we’ve seen Peter draw the spiral, it was drawn going out to the tail, whereas Ennis starts going in towards the centre. Maybe it was done this way for the simple reason of having Ennis hit the centre of the spiral for dramatic effect, or maybe the way it’s drawn relates to the intent, or the ‘vow’ they make to the ancient wolf-gods (or whatever) – the spiral should only be drawn the way Ennis has done it if actual revenge is sought after.