Why the flashback is a dramatization and more lies.

Here are 4713 words of brain-melting ‘meta’ explaining why 3×08 ‘Visionary’ is just the worst.

I am apologize for its length I just have lots of doubts about the legitimacy of the flashback and I think Jeff Davis’s Q&A last night basically proves this but I don’t really know.

Cora: I don’t know there’s something different about im [Derek] now. He wasn’t like this when I knew him.

So Derek has changed.

Peter then pops up to say “If you want to know what changed Derek you need to know what changed the color of his eyes.”

[The scene then dissolves to Gerard which makes me cackle hysterically. It didn’t dissolve into a flashback it dissolved to an Argent and there is your answer; if you can’t actually be bothered to read anymore just stop here. Dissolves are rarely if ever employed as a technique anymore on television and 3×08 ‘Visionary’ used them in an abundance for a reason but I will not waffle on about cinematography now  *clutches head and falls to the ground* that should be a different post *sigh*]

To cut a long story short we learn that blue eyes means that you killed an innocent and this is supposedly what changed Derek.

Peter: Taking an innocent life takes something from you as well, a bit of your soul, darkening it, dimming the once bright golden yellow to a cold steel blue.

The flashbacks to young!Derek show that he killed an innocent girl called Paige. She got the bite but it didn’t take and he killed her to end her pain and suffering.

But this only makes sense if you don’t think about the episode any deeper than this and take it at complete face value and hello this is fandom when do we ever do that?? Just bare with me and get through this beast of an essay. It’s worth it I promise :)

Prior to 3×08 ‘Visionary’ if you were asked what changed Derek. You’d say the fact that Kate seduced him and then set his house on fire and killed most of his family. This is why he doesn’t smile any more and this is why he has such a “sour face”. Except no mention of Kate or the fire was made in the episode even though both were in the ‘previously on Teen Wolf’ bit.

Which in itself is strange don’t you think? Each week the ‘previously on’ contains scenes from without the series that are relevant to the episode. Lets take a quick look at  3×08’s shall we?

Derek: You don’t know me you don’t know anything about me.  Yes because Derek keeps everything to himself he doesn’t confide in Peter his ‘best friend’ and closet confidant. He told exactly no-one about Kate and their relationships was probably a secret.

Stiles: That was Derek Hale, his family they all burnt to death in a fire like 10 years ago. And the fire was mentioned in the episode or referred to in the episode exactly ZERO times. 

Lydia: Is this your house? Peter: It was. And yet another clip that alludes to the Hale house burning down in the fire.

Scott: Who are they? Derek: Hunters. Their kind have been hunting us for centuries. This clip I believe was actually relevant to 3×08 because we see the volatile relationship between hunters and werewolves. 

Gerard: We kill them all. Yep Gerard was definitely into the killing of them all in the flashback portion of the episode. Both werewolves and humans.

Derek: It’s our sign. For a vendetta. For revenge. With both Ennis and Peter drawing it and the fact that it was talked about in the episode makes this relevant. Possibly the most important thing in the episode but more on that later. 

Deucalion: Someone is going to die tonight. Yep people died. 

Derek: Everyone around me gets hurt. Damn Derek they really do don’t they? The most important thing about this last line in the ‘previously on’ is that it shows clips of Boyd and Erica who are dead but also Kate Argent. Kate who was not mentioned once in the whole episode because again as I said before no-one knows about her relationships with Derek.


This is kind of inconsequential though compared to the rest of the episode I just find it hard to not write about absolutely everything in detail but onwards to the interesting stuff!!!